Suicide-related knowledge among Italian early career psychiatrists and trainees: Results from a cross-sectional survey

The training of mental health professionals is an important component of suicide-prevention programs. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in different Italian regions to evaluate knowledge of, and attitudes toward, suicide as well as the experience of a patient’s suicide or a suicide attempt in early career psychiatrists (ECPs) and trainees (N = 338). The Suicide […]

Epidemiology and clinical-demographic characteristics of suicide attempts in alcohol use

Suicide is a leading cause of morbidity worldwide. Among the known risk factors, alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are particularly relevant, but data on the epidemiology and characteristics of suicide attempts (SA) in this group are lacking. We used electronic health records of national health services to identify individuals who received a diagnosis of AUD in […]

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on suicide ideation and suicide attempts in psychiatric patients in Italy

There has been little research reported regarding both suicide ideation and suicide attempts during the COVID-19 pandemic and government lockdown restrictions in Italy, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic. We investigated whether the frequency of suicide ideation and suicide attempts differed between psychiatric patients admitted to a psychiatric unit before and during […]

Attachment styles and suicide-related behaviors in adolescence: The mediating role of self-criticism and dependency.

Insecure attachment and the personality dimensions of self-criticism and dependency have been proposed as risk factors for suicide in adolescents. The present study examines whether self-criticism and dependency mediate the relationship between insecure attachment styles and suicidality. A sample of 340 high-school students (73.2% females), ranging in age from 13 to 20 years (M = 16.47, SD = 1.52), completed […]

Suicidal ideation in Spanish and Italian lesbian and gay adults: The role of internalized sexual stigma.

A growing body of research claims that sexual minority individuals have nearly twice the suicidal ideation rate of heterosexual individuals. Method: The main objective of the current study was to test a model wherein internalized sexual stigma (ISS) mediates the association between some gay-related stressors and suicidal ideation. The present cross-sectional survey involved two samples […]

Unemployment as a risk factor for completed suicide: A psychological autopsy study.

This study adopts a psychological autopsy method to compare (1) unemployed suicides, (2) other suicides who were either employed or not in the labor force, and (3) psychiatric outpatients without any prior suicidal behavior. A total of 245 consecutive suicides from Province of Parma (Italy) with recorded employment status were included in the analysis. New […]

Suicidal ideation and completed suicide in the Decameron.


Intimate partner violence and mental health among Italian adolescents: gender similarities and differences.

Only a few studies have analyzed the health impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) on male and female adolescents, taking into account other kinds of violence that can affect their health. In this study, 43.7% of female adolescents and 34.8% of males reported IPV; females reported more psychological and sexual IPV, with no differences for […]

Coffee and Cigarette use: Association With Suicidal Acts in 352 Sardinian Bipolar Disorder Patients

Retrospective analysis of demographic & clinical factors among 352 longitudinally assessed DMS-IV types I & II bipolar disorder patients contrasted patients with versus without consumption of nicotine or caffeine, based on univariate comparisons & multiple regression modelling. Current smoking & coffee drinking were common, & significantly & independently associated with suicidal acts. Risk increased with […]

Cleopatra’s Corpse: Motivation for Cleopatra’s Suicide in the Ancient Texts

Horace, Plutarch, & Dio Cassius are the 3 main sources for Cleopatra. All used fairly harsh language against her before her suicide but softened their tone & portrayed her more appreciately once she decided to take her own life. This paper explores the possible explanations for this & the apparent contradiction it creates. Through close […]

Global Warming Possibly Linked to an Enhanced Risk of Suicide: Data From Italy, 1974-2003

This study explored the impact of global warming on suicide mortality, using data from Italy. Monthly data on suicide mortality & temperature were obtained for 1974-2003 & the relation between them was investigated using the Gaussian low-pass filter, linear correlation analysis, & rank analysis. For males, increasing anomalies in monthly average temperatures associated to a […]

Suicide Mortality is Decreasing Among Cancer Patients in Central Italy

This study examined whether suicides among Italian patients diagnosed with cancer during 1985-1999 had decreased with calendar time in comparison to the rate in the general population. 90,197 patients with cancer resident in Tuscany were followed up for life status to the end of 2000. Time trends were assessed by using Kernel smoothing estimators, standardized […]

Correlates and Antecedents of Hospital Admission for Attempted Suicide: a Nationwide Survey in Italy

This study examined data on symptom patterns in the week prior to admission for suicide attempt in a nationwide representative sample of Italian patients. 230 patients (14.8%) in the sample had been admitted to a private or public psychiatric facility for a suicide attempt. No diagnosis was statistically related to admission after suicide attempt, once […]

Duration of Untreated Illness and Suicide in Bipolar Disorder: a Naturalistic Study

This naturalistic study evaluated the potential influence of the duration of untreated illness on the clinical course of bipolar disorder. 320 outpatients with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Type I or Type II, were interviewed & followed-up for 5 years. Patients with a longer duration of untreated illness showed a higher frequency of suicide attempts, […]

Suicide Prevention: a Long-Lasting Italian Tradition. Toward Understanding the Suicidal Mind

Since Morselli’s 1881 report, suicide rates have changed dramatically in some Italian areas whereas the rates have remained approximately the same in other regions. Italy has a long tradition in the study of suicide & now it is crucial to learn more about assessment & management of suicide risk. The author overviews the drama occurring […]

Is OCD at Risk for Suicide? A Case-Control Study

The authors hypothesize obsessive-compulsive disorder carries a low risk for suicide, that suicide ideation & lifetime attempts in this disorder are due to comorbid major depressive episodes, & that patients with major depressive episodes carry the same suicidal risk as obsessive-compulsive/major depressive episode patients. 58 patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder were compared with 58 patients with […]

The Role of Family in Suicide Rate in Italy (Working Paper 2010/20)

The authors used national panel data at a provincial level to investigate the relationship between suicide rates & socioeconomic factors in Italy. The role of family, drug & alcohol consumption, social conformism, & population density are the main factors in explaining the suicide rate in Italy. The authors also checked for differences in the suicide […]

Suicide Attempts in Major Affective Disorders

The authors retrospectively evaluated 106 patients diagnosed with major affective disorders. 53 patients with at least one suicide attempt were matched on a group basis with 53 patients who had never attempted suicide. In bivariate comparisons, suicidal patients were more likely to have been treated with antipsychotic & anxiolytic drugs, less likely to be married, […]

The Aftermath of a Suicide Attempt: the Emotional Impact on Patient and Psychiatrist. A Pilot Study


Four-Years General Hospital Counseling for Suicide Attempters: the Padua Experience

The relationship between intent & psychopathology was examined in 134 adult Italian patients admitted to hospital after a suicide attempt. Suicide intent was evaluated using the Intent Score Scale & the Suicide Assessment Scale. Logistic regression showed multiple attempts were correlated with religious practice & psychiatric diagnosis. Intent prior to the attempt was related to […]

High Lethality Suicide Attempts Among Chronic Schizophrenia Patients

This study assessed the personal & clinical features of a sample of patients with schizophrenia who had made highly lethal suicide attempts. 18 of 39 subjects had made a high lethality suicide attempt in the 6-month period before assessment while the others had not engaged in any suicidal behaviour. Diagnoses & suicidal intent were evaluated […]

Train-Related Suicides in Milan, Italy: Analysis of Cases 1993-2008

Evidence of the frequent use of mainline & metropolitan trains as a means of suicide in & around Milan prompted the authors to analyse the occurrence of these events between 1993-2008. Data from the Institute of Legal Medicine were examined. The 155 selected cases were analysed for various aspects, including the chronology & dynamics of […]

Prison Suicides and Self-Harming Behaviours in Italy, 1990-2002

Data on suicides, attempted suicides, & other self-harming behaviours in Italian prisons from 1990-2002 were studied. Over the study period, suicide rates in Italian prisons were constantly about 10 times higher than among the general population, but over time they did not increase significantly despite nearly a doubling in the absolute number of inmates. The […]