Suicide incidence and risk factors in an active duty US military population.

Objectives. The goal of this study was to investigate and identify risk factors for suicide among all active duty members of the US military during 2005 or 2007. Methods. The study used a cross-sectional design and included the entire active duty military population. Study sample sizes were 2 064 183 for 2005 and 1 981 […]

Systemic vulnerabilities to suicide among veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts: review of case reports from a National Veterans Affairs database.

While suicide among recently returned veterans is of great concern, it is a relatively rare occurrence within individual hospitals and clinics. Root cause analysis (RCA) generates a detailed case report that can be used to identify system-based vulnerabilities following an adverse event. Review of a national database of RCA reports may identify common vulnerabilities and […]

Pattern of Attempted Suicide in Babylon in the Last 6 Years of Sanctions Against Iraq

This study describes the pattern of attempted suicide in the Babylon governate of Iraq during the last 6 years of sanctions. A retrospective case-note review was done & included all persons referred to a hospital between May 1996-May 2002 following self-poisoning or self-injury. The study sample was marked by a high proportion of psychiatric diagnoses […]

The First Iraqi Suicide Bombing: a Hint of Things to Come?


Our Common Responsibility: the Impact of a new war on Iraqi Children

This manuscript examines the physical & mental well being of children in Iraq in January 2003. Various social conditions within Iraq are discussed: the depletion of family resources, malnutrition & traumatic loss. The researchers found that 37% of children in the survey sample felt that life was not worth living most of the time, & […]