Mental health media guide: The tip sheet

The Mental Health Media Guide is a groundbreaking and comprehensive resource to help content creators expand positive mental health portrayals. Entertainment media has the power to shift culture around mental health, influencing  audience perceptions and the way we speak up, seek help, and support others.

Suicidal behaviors in the entertainment industry: A preliminary exploration of the interplay between work scheduling, social support, and wellbeing in Australia

Objective Workers of the Australian entertainment industry exhibit disproportionately high rates of impaired psychological wellbeing and suicidal behaviors, with such rates being exacerbated by the negative impact of working long and odd hours (Work Scheduling Impact; WSI). Nonetheless, stable and secure social support networks may buffer the risks associated with such systemic difficulties. Methods The […]

Systematic review and meta-analyses of suicidal outcomes following fictional portrayals of suicide and suicide attempt in entertainment media

Background Guidelines to encourage responsible reporting of suicide in news media are a key component of suicide prevention strategies. Recent guidelines have been developed on portrayal of suicide in entertainment media although the relationship between these portrayals and subsequent suicidal behaviour has received considerably less attention in research. Methods We conducted a systematic review and […]