Safe in our Hands? A Study of Suicide and Self-Harm in Asylum Seekers

This study examined the incidence of suicide & self-harm in asylum seekers in the United Kingdom, both those in detention & in the community. Available data showed high levels of self-harm & suicide for detained asylum seekers as compared with the United Kingdom prison population. It is suggested this could be attributed to routine failure[…]

Suicidal Behaviour Among Youth in Five Public Sectors of Care

Rates of suicide ideation & behaviours as well as associated risk factors were examined among youth recruited from 5 public sectors of care – child welfare, juvenile justice, special education services, alcohol & drug services, & county mental health. 1057 California youth, ages 11-18, completed a diagnostic interview & questionnaires assessing relevant suicide risk factors[…]

Suicide, Mental Illness, and Psychiatry in Queensland, 1890-1950

This paper examines the practice of institutional & community psychiatry in early twentieth-century Queensland. Several conclusions are reached. First, asylums responded to the diversity of illnesses by making case-based judgments about the duration of treatment & the possibility of paroles. Many suicidal patients were not locked up for long periods if their ailments showed promise[…]

Institutional Child Sexual Abuse and Suicidal Behaviour: Outcomes of a Literature Review, Consultation Meetings and a Qualitative Study

This report has 3 parts: a literature review; outcomes of consultation meetings with survivors of institutional child sexual abuse; & a qualitative study involving specialist support services. There is a lack of studies addressing the relationship between institutional child sexual abuse, suicidal behaviour, & related mental health difficulties, as well as protective factors. The qualitative[…]

Annual Report 2004

This report provides an overview of the mandate, structure, & activities of the Office of the Chief Coroner for the Province of Ontario in 2004. There were 1106 suicides in 2004, accounting for 5% of all deaths.

Book Review – Suicide Among the Elderly in Long-Term Care Facilities by N J Osgood and B A Brant et al


Driven to Despair: Asylum Deaths in the UK

The authors examine recent research from the Institute of Race Relations, which documents the deaths of over 200 asylum seekers and undocumented migrants who have lost their lives trying to reach the UK or in work-related accidents, as a result of racial attacks and, most often, as a result of self-harm, especially in detention centres.

Mental Health Service Delivery and Suicide Risk: the Role of Individual Patient and Facility Factors


Two Australian National Policies on Self-injury and Suicide: a Submission to the Human Rights Commission on Children in Detention

Organization Liability: Beyond Respondeat Superior