Self-harm by sharp foreign body ingestion

Ingestion of sharp foreign bodies is a less frequently encountered method of selfharm. This study aims to follow up patients presenting with foreign body (FB) ingestion requiring urgent endoscopic intervention under general anaesthetic in theatre, characterise each patient and establish whether admission or removal of the FB promotes further self‐harm.

How Many Pins? a Case Report of a Girl who Swallowed More than 50 Straight Pins in a Suicide Attempt

Esophageal Foreign Body in a Prison Inmate: Genuine Suicide Attempt or Pursuit of Illness for Secondary Gain?


Suicidal or Manipulative? – Does it Really Matter?

This article relates a case study of a person who makes several suicide attempts while in jail, with his final attempt leaving him severely brain damaged. The author then asks: “Was this man really suicidal or simply acting manipulatively during incarceration? And does it really matter?

The Improbable Intravesical Foreign Body

The authors present the case of a 22-year-old woman with a long history of suicide attempts & foreign body ingestions & insertions. Such cases can pose perplexing diagnostic problems, especially in the face of a seemingly incredible history. This case illustrates the importance of investigating such claims. Occasionally, alternate diagnostic methods such as fluoroscopy or[…]

A Case of Homicidal Choking Mistaken for Suicide

The authors present the case of the homicidal choking of a 29 year-old mental hospital inpatient. At the time of discovery, the subject was believed to have committed suicide but autopsy findings & re-investigation of the case revealed that he had been murdered by another inpatient. (9 refs.)

Suicidal Death by Aspiration of Talcum Powder

This paper presents an unusual means of suicide – by deliberate aspiration of cosmetic (nonasbestiform) talc in the form of talcum powder. (2 refs.)

Arsenic Poisoning: Ongoing Diagnostic and Social Problem

Arsenic poisoning is a public health threat in the U.S. Dr. Fuortes defines the scope of the problem in this survey of hospital admissions for arsenic poisoning over a 15-year period. Admissions to 3 Eastern Iowa hosipitals for arsenic poisonings between 1970-1985 were reviewed & 19 cases of arsenic poisoning were identified. Six ingestions were[…]

Corrosive Injury to the Stomach Due to Acid Ingestion

The authors’ experience in the biomedical treatment of patients with severe complications following ingestion of acid is presented. Two of the cases discussed are adult suicide attempts; once case is that of a 5-yr-old accidental ingestion of sulphuric acid. Damage to the gastrointestinal tract is different in nature & site from that of alkali poisoning,[…]

Needles in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract

This case history of a 15-year-old Oriental who attempted suicide by swallowing needles is presented in the form of a nursing care study. The needles were successfully removed by laparotomy. (NBB)