Is Hospitalization Useful for Suicidal Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder?

This article examines the value of hospitalization for chronically suicidal patients with borderline personality disorder. One in 10 of these patients will eventually die by suicide. However, this outcome is not readily predictable. Hospitalization is of unproven value for suicide prevention & can often produce negative effects. Day treatment is an evidence-based alternative to full […]

In Session With Jan Fawcett, MD: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of Suicide

In this interview, Dr. Fawcett answered the following questions: How common is suicide among patients seen by health care professionals? In what settings are patients most at risk? What can physicians do in cases where the patient is chronically suicidal? What are the indicators that most predict a suicide attempt? Have the demographics of suicide […]

Skin Toughening and Skin Porosity: Addressing the Issue of Self-Harm by Omission(IN: Relating to Self-Harm and Suicide. Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Practice, Theory and Prevention, ed. by S Briggs, A Lemma and W Crouch)


Some Forms of Indirect Self-Destruction and Their Psychopathology

In this presentation, Achte discussed various forms of indirect self-destructive behaviours, such as excessive eating by individuals & pollution & excessive population growth on a wider, global scale. The motivation for these behaviours were discussed – some times they approximate suicidal imupulses & other times, defensive purposes. The presentation focussed on a broad interpretation of […]

Later Self-Destructive Behavior of Suicide Attempters Treated in Medical Wards of a General Hospital

This presentation discussed the results of a study conducted to obtain a better understanding of the not met “cry for help” in the light of later self-destructive behaviour. 175 cases of suicidal poisonings made up the sample. The follow-up was done 5-6 years after the key attempt. 32% of participants had attempted suicide again, 7% […]

On the Turn

This comic book relates the story of Brianna, an Aboriginal teenager who develops a gambling problem. She finds help in traditional teachings & practices.

Suicide (IN: Lives and Deaths: Selections from the Works of Edwin S. Shneidman, edited by A A Leenaars)

This chapter discusses various aspects of suicide beginning with a definition of suicide. The complexities & difficulties with definitions are described. A lengthy review of the main threads in suicide research is followed by a description of the psychological characteristics of suicide. Other topics included are: the two fundamental aspects of death & suicide; attempted […]

Types of Nursing Home Residents With Self-Destructive Behaviours: Analysis of the Harmful Behaviours Scale

This study investigated the types of self-destructive behaviours identified by the Harmful Behaviours Scale & the variables associated with them. A cross sectional survey involving 647 residents in 11 nursing homes in Sydney, Australia was conducted. Latent class analysis of the Harmful Behaviours Scale identified 4 groups, described as aggressive-resistant, food refusal, behaviourally disturbed, & […]

Health-Risk Behaviors and Suicidal Ideation: a Preliminary Study of Cognitive and Developmental Factors

Relationships among suicide ideation, health-related attitudes & behaviors, & adverse childhood events were examined. 318 college students completed surveys covering health risk behaviours, depression, suicide ideation, & health-related attitudes. Results supported the hypothesized associations among these variables. However, contrary to the hypotheses, the association between suicide ideation & health-compromising behaviours was limited largely to substance-related […]

Half in Love With Death: Managing the Chronically Suicidal Patient

This book includes the following chapters: suicidality & suicide; the inner world of the chronically suicidal patient; suicidality in childhood & adolescence; chronic suicidality & personality disorders; myths of suicide prevention; psychotherapy research & chronic suicidality; pharmacotherapy & chronic suicidality; tolerating chronic suicidality; managing chronic suicidality; & suicidality & litigation. The book concludes with a […]

Suicide and Borderline Personality Disorder (IN: Personality Disorders Over Time: Precursors, Course, and Outcome, by J Paris)


Signs of Silent Suicide Among Depressed Hospitalized Geriatric Patients


Care Programme Approach – Documentation of Past Risk-related Behaviour

Risky Assessments: Participant Suicidality and Distress Associated With Research Assessments in a Treatment Study of Suicidal Behavior


Indirect Self-destructive Behavior and Overt Suicidality in Patients With Complicated Grief


Adolescents Engaging in Unhealthy Weight Control Behaviors: are They at Risk for Other Health-Compromising Behaviors?

This study sought to determine whether adolescents engaging in weight control behaviours are at increased risk for tobacco, alcohol, & marijuana use; suicide ideation & attempts; & unprotected sexual activity. The findings suggest an overall pattern in which only those adolescents engaging in extreme weight control behaviours were at increased risk for other health-compromising behaviours. […]

The Anthropology of Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviours


Self-Destructiveness and Compulsive Gambling

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Aging Women and Depression

In this article, research on depression in older women is summarized, including rates of disorder, age of onset, symptom profiles, suicidal behavior, risk factors for depression such as physical health & social inequalities, & protective factors such as spirituality. The empirical literature about treatment of depression in older adults is presented, with special attention to […]

Suicide Influences and Factors: Alcohol and Drug use (IN: Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, vol.2: L-Z, ed. by R Kastenbaum)

The author explores the relationship between suicidal behavior & alcohol & drug use. The question of whether alcohol & drugs are a direct cause of suicide is examined. The psychosocial context of suicide & substance use is discussed, along with appropriate prevention & intervention techniques. (9 refs)

Suicide Types: Indirect Suicide (IN: Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, vol.2: L-Z, ed. by R Kastenbaum)

The author of this entry reviews a range of indirect suicidal behaviors in which death results gradually rather than immediately, & in which the degree of intentionality is less obvious than in an overt suicide attempt. Psychological interpretations of such actions are explored, & the presence of indirect suicidal behaviors in non-human species is discussed. […]

Self-Harmful Behaviors in a Population-Based Sample of Young Adults

A birth cohort of 472 women & 494 men aged 26 years was interviewed about a range of self-harmful behaviors & then asked about suicidal intent. Lifetime prevalence of self-harm using traditional methods of suicide was 13%, with 9% of the sample describing at least one such episode as “attempted suicide.” Other self-harmful behaviors were […]

Coping With Suicide in Substance Abusers

This article examines some bereavement elements that may be compounded when the person that died by suicide was a substance abuser. The author asserts that survivors of substance abusers may experience more social isolation & stigma than survivors of non-substance abusers. He concludes by stating that special support groups may be required by survivors of […]