Participant reactions to suicide-focused research: Implications of studying suicide on an inpatient psychiatry unit

Background: Concerns exist regarding the perceived risks of conducting suicide-focused research among an acutely distressed population. Aims: The current study assessed changes in participant distress before and after participation in a suicide-focused research study conducted on a psychiatric inpatient unit. Method: Participants included 37 veterans who were receiving treatment on a psychiatric inpatient unit and completed a survey-based research study […]

The potential iatrogenic effects of psychiatric hospitalization for suicidal behavior: A critical review and recommendations for research

Suicide rates have risen in the United States, and there has been a simultaneous, nearly ubiquitous decrease in services provided on psychiatric inpatient units (e.g., shorter stays, almost exclusive emphasis on crisis management). Despite limited research demonstrating its efficacy for reducing suicide risk, inpatient hospitalization remains the treatment of choice (and often legally mandated) for […]

Veteran participation in intensive suicide research protocols: No evidence of iatrogenic effects

Suicide research remains fraught with ethical and methodological issues, including researchers’ reservations about conducting intensive suicide research protocols due to potential iatrogenic effects and liability concerns. Such issues significantly impede scientific inquiry related to suicide. To date, no research has explored potential iatrogenic effects of intensive, nontreatment suicide research among Veterans. This study aimed to […]

On the iatrogenic risk of assessing suicidality: A meta-analysis

Previous studies have failed to detect an iatrogenic effect of assessing suicidality. However, the perception that asking about suicide may induce suicidality persists. This meta‐analysis quantitatively synthesized research concerning the iatrogenic risks of assessing suicidality. This review included studies that explicitly evaluated the iatrogenic effects of assessing suicidality via prospective research methods. Thirteen articles were […]