Accounts of suicidality in the Huntington Disease community.

Health professionals, researchers, and philosophers have debated extensively about suicide. Some believe suicides result from mental pathology, whereas others argue that individuals are capable of rational suicide. This debate is particularly poignant within illness communities, where individuals may be suffering from chronic and incurable conditions. This article engages with these issues by presenting the accounts[…]

Early Dementia Diagnosis and the Risk of Suicide and Euthanasia

The authors performed a selective literature review of suicide in persons with dementia & the ethical issues associated with euthanasia in this population. In the absence of any effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, there is already evidence that persons with mild cognitive change & early dementia are at risk of[…]

Psychiatric and Cognitive Difficulties as Indicators of Juvenile Huntington Disease Onset in 29 Patients

A retrospective clinical & genetic review was done to evaluate the diagnosis delay in patients with juvenile Huntington’s Disease. 29 French patients with onset before or at age 20 were studied. The mean delay before diagnosis was 9 years (standard deviation +6/-6). The most remarkable signs at onset were severe psychiatric & cognitive disturbances. 7[…]

Depression and Stages of Huntington’s Disease

Individuals with manifest Huntington’s disease were interviewed with regard to the presence, frequency, & severity of depression symptoms to better characterize depressed mood across the disease course. Rates of depression were more than twice those found in the general population. One-half of subjects reported they had sought treatment for depression, & more than 10% reported[…]

Critical Periods of Suicide Risk in Huntington’s Disease


SSRIs: are the Accusations Justified?

In this article the authors present 4 patients with different psychopathological abnormalities who were later diagnosed as having Huntington’s disease. The range of symptoms covered affective & psychotic symptoms, antisocial behavior, cognitive problems reminiscent of dementia, & suicidal ideation. (13 refs)

Suicide Influences and Factors: Physical Illness (IN: Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, vol.2: L-Z, ed. by R Kastenbaum)


Should a Suicidal Patient With Huntington’s Disease be Hospitalized Against her Will? Attitudes Among Future Physicians and Lawyers and Discussion of Ethical Issues

For commentary on this article, please see SIEC #2004-1147

Commentary on Elger and Harding: can Suicidality be Rational in Persons who are not Terminally ill?

For the original article by B Elger and T Harding, please see SIEC #2004-0969

Neurologic Disorders Raise Overall Suicide Risk

This article summarizes the speakers of the annual meeting of the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine in 2000. These speakers state that most neurologic disorders increase overall suicidality, but the risk to each patient must be understood in terms of specific psychosocial factors as well as the shifts in risk that occur in the course of[…]