Railway suicide in Belgium 1998-2009: Incidence and prevention

Background: Belgium is a country with a high suicide rate (19.1/100,000 in 2004), and railway suicide poses a substantial safety and public health problem. This problem was addressed by the Suicide Prevention Unit of Infrabel (Manager of the Belgian Railway Infrastructure), which collects relevant data and implements a prevention program. Aims: To present data on fatal and nonfatal […]

A spatial analysis of suicide displacement as at high-risk cliff-based location following installation of a means restriction initiative

Means restriction interventions are recognised as highly effective for the deterrence of suicide attempts by jumping. While such interventions can lead to significant reductions in suicide, it is unclear whether these reductions represent a displacement effect, whereby individuals are instead choosing to attempt suicide at other nearby locations which offer the same means. The potential […]

Characteristics of train stations where railway suicides have occurred and locations within the stations

Background: To devise effective railway suicide countermeasures, it is necessary to identify stations where suicide is likely to occur. Aim: We explored the characteristics of stations where railway suicides have occurred and locations within the stations. Method: (Study 1) Using suicide data from between April 2014 and September 2019 provided by a major railway company in Japan, station-specific suicide was […]

Preventing suicide in hotspots

What is a suicide hotspot? A ‘suicide hotspot’ has been defined as ‘a specific, usually public, site that is frequently used as a location for suicide and which provides either means or opportunity for suicide.’ More than one incident at a particular site suggests that action should be considered at that particular site. Types of […]

A suicide prevention initiative at a jumping site: A mixed-methods evaluation

Background Gap Park in Sydney, Australia has historically been recognised as a suicide jumping site. In 2010–2011 the Gap Park Masterplan initiative implemented a series of suicide prevention measures. This study applied a mixed-methods design to evaluate the effectiveness of the Masterplan in reducing suicides. Methods Data from the Australian National Coronial Information System (NCIS) […]

Do suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge cluster?

Suicides from popular venues (known as “hotspots”) are often publicized and may result in imitation by subsequent suicides that may lead to clustering of the suicides over time. In order to examine whether the suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge showed clustering, data from the 224 suicides during 1999–2009 were analyzed using the Anderson-Darling Test […]

Cracked, not broken.


Cracked, not broken.


Cracked, not broken.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognizable structures to define a modern city. Yet, for author Kevin Hines the bridge is not merely a marker of a place or a time. Instead, the bridge marks the beginning of his remarkable story. At 19 years old, Kevin attempted to take his own life […]