Causes of death among an urban homeless population considered by the medical examiner.

Those who are homeless face illness and death, however, live in places not conducive to provision of end-of-life care. Limited information exists on causes of death among this group of people. To characterize causes of death, data were requested from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for Alberta Justice, Canada, for people determined to[…]

Euthanasia: a Buddhist Perspective


Doctor, I Want to die. Will you Help me?


These letters to the editor discuss various aspects of the euthanasia debate in the United Kingdom. Saunders reviews the work of St. Joseph’s Hospice. Murphy & Mal both argue against physicians participating in euthansia.

End of Life Issues in Older Patients

This article focuses on palliative care & symptom management in the elderly patient with cancer, advance directives & treatment preferences, where & how elderly patients are cared for, & suicide. (66 refs)

Questions and Answers About Jewish Tradition and the Issues of Assisted Death

This document is intended to be used both as a teaching tool for & an aid to dialogue & discussion about physician-assisted suicide (PAS) & voluntary active euthanasia (VAE) in the context of Judaism. It presents an overview of how Jewish tradition & contemporary Jewish thought look at the issues of PAS & VAE. The[…]

Canadian Perspectives on Death and Dying (IN: Death and Bereavement Around the World, vol.2: The Americas, ed. by J D Morgan and P Laungani)

Assisted Suicide

This article explores the question: May Jews assist others in commiting suicide or request that others assist them in their own suicides? The medical & legal contexts for this question are discussed, & Jewish theological & legal grounds for opposing suicide & assisted suicide are presented. Additional arguments for retaining the traditional prohibition are presented,[…]

Hospice Nurses: Patients who Refuse Food and Water die Peacefully

For the original study by L Ganzini et al, please see SIEC #2004-0050

A Perspective on the Current State of Death Education

The author offers some views on the current state of death education with focus on the sparing attention given the death education of health professionals & grief counselors. The need for improved integration of knowledge accumulated in the study of death, dying, & bereavement into the basic curricula of the parent disciplines & professional schools[…]