The myth of normal: Trauma, illness & healing in a toxic culture

‘It all starts with waking up… to what our bodies are expressing and our minds are suppressing’ Western countries invest billions in healthcare, yet mental illness and chronic diseases are on a seemingly unstoppable rise. Nearly 70% of Americans are now on prescription drugs. So what is ‘normal’ when it comes to health? Over four decades […]

Suicide loss survivors: Navigating social stigma and threats to social bonds

The complicated grief experienced by suicide loss survivors leads to feelings of abandonment, rejection, intense self-blame, and depression. Stigma surrounding suicide further burdens survivors who can experience rejection by their community and social networks. Research in the field of psychology has delved into the grieving process of suicide loss survivors, however the effects of suicide […]

Promising healing practices for interventions addressing intergenerational trauma among Aboriginal youth: A scoping review

There is growing recognition in Canada around the role of intergenerational trauma in shaping physical and mental health inequities among Aboriginal youth. We examined recommendations on best practices for addressing intergenerational trauma in interventions for Aboriginal youth. Academic-community partnerships were formed to guide this scoping literature review. Peer-reviewed academic literature and “grey” sources were searched. […]

Trauma, child development, healing and resilience: A review of literature with focus on Indigenous peoples and communities

Historical trauma refers specifically to the inter-generational impact of colonization on Indigenous peoples. In the 1990s, the mental health issues suffered by Indigenous people in Canada were first conceptualized as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Later researchers briefly began developing the concept of ‘residential school survivor syndrome,’ but then settled on the term historical trauma to […]

Final report of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation Volume III: Promising healing practices in Aboriginal communities

This volume is the third in a series of final reports being published by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. Volume I—A Healing Journey: Reclaiming Wellness traces the Aboriginal healing movement and the AHF’s role within the wider movement. Volume II—Measuring Progress: Program Evaluation synthesizes the voluminous data collected through the evaluation process and the resulting recommendations […]

Culture as an ingredient of personalized medicine.

Personalized (precision) medicine approaches to deal with many mental and physical illnesses have often focused on biomarkers along with recognition of the importance of a constellation of developmental, psychosocial and contextual factors in relation to the development of illnesses as well as treatment efficacy. Acknowledgement of the breadth of  health determinants has further enabled the application […]

Self-healing communities: A transformational process model for improving intergenerational health.

Key Findings Over 10 to 15 years in Cowlitz Co., Wash.: Births to teen mothers went down 62% and infant mortality went down 43%; Youth suicide and suicide attempts went down 98%; Youth arrests for violent crime dropped 53%; High school dropout rates decreased by 47%; Similar results were seen in other counties. Contact us […]

Beyond recovery: Colonization, health and healing for indigenous people in Canada.

The mental health and recovery of Indigenous people in Canada have always been tied to history, identity, politics, language and dislocation. Thus, in this paper, our aim is to make clear that history, highlight the impacts of colonization and expound on Indigenous healing practices taking place in Toronto. Based on findings from a local research […]

The return to the sacred path: Healing the historical trauma and historical unresolved grief response among the Lakota through a psychoeducational group intervention.


In the words of our ancestors: Metis health and healing.


Lump sum compensation payments research project: The circle rechecks itself.


We were so far away: the Inuit experience of residential schools.


We were so far away = Nous etions si loin.


Intervention to address intergenerational trauma: overcoming, resisting and preventing structural violence.


The four paths and four steps of healing.


Aboriginal healing.

Series: The Sharing Circle. Season 13 Show 13.

Aboriginal suicide: lost spirit.

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Historic trauma and aboriginal healing.


Warrior-caregivers: understanding the challenges and healing of First Nations men. A resource guide.

The cultural diversity of healing: meaning, metaphor and mechanism.

This chapter reviews the great diversity of healing practices found around the world and represented in most urban centres. A general model of healing is presented that includes both the physiological processes central to biomedical theory and practice and the symbolic aspects of healing that have physiological, psychological and social effects. Work on the theory […]

Theatrical medicine: aboriginal performance, ritual and commemoration (for Vanessa Lee Buckner).

The paper begins by discussing some Aboriginal teachings offering the authorÕs working definition of Medicine based on the teachings that elders have shared. These cultural traditions reflect a belief in the power of performance and the possibility of performance as medicinal. The paper applies some of these teachings about Medicine to suggest that the form […]

Trauma and healing in Aboriginal families and communities.

Traumatized people feel utterly abandoned, utterly alone, cast out of the human and divine systems of care and protection that sustain life. Thereafter, a sense of alienation, of disconnection, pervades every relationship, from the most intimate familial bonds to the most abstract affiliations of community and religion (Herman, 1997, p.52). This paper considers how traumatization […]

Comparing Euro-Western counselling and Aboriginal healing methods: an argument for the effectiveness of Aboriginal approaches to healing.

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of an Aboriginal approach to healing and to establish the theoretical grounds for its effectiveness. Toward this end, this paper considers a number of issues. First, the similarities and differences between various Euro-Western theories of counselling or psychotherapy1 and Aboriginal approaches to healing are examined. […]