Association between headache and suicidality: An analysis of universal suicide screening data at a large urban county hospital

BACKGROUND: Identifying individuals at increased risk of suicide is important, particularly those who present for treatment for nonpsychiatric chief complaints who may go undetected. It has been found that pain symptoms, such as headache, are associated with suicide, although this association requires further characterization. This study examined specific components of suicidality in relation to headache subtypes. […]

Suicide attempts in US veterans with chronic headache disorders: A 10-year retrospective cohort study

Objectives: A large-scale retrospective analysis of veterans with chronic pain was conducted to examine (1) the annual incidence of suicide attempts (SA) in veterans with chronic headache and other chronic pain conditions, and (2) the risk of SA in men and women with chronic headache and chronic headache concurrent with traumatic brain injury (TBI) as compared […]