Preventing Adolescent Suicide: do High School Counselors Know the Risk Factors?

This study was undertaken to explore the level of high school counsellors’ knowledge about adolescent suicide, whether they know the appropriate steps to take if they suspect a student to be suicidal, whether their schools have crisis intervention teams, whether they know the appropriate responses a school should make if a student commits suicide, whether […]


This booklet is for young people. It suggests ways they can find help if they have a problem or have a friend who may be feeling down or in trouble.

Health Teachers and Counselors: Collaborating to Prevent Adolescent Suicide

This document summarizes the aims, scope, methodology & conclusions of a study examining the role of high school health teachers in identifying & assisting suicidal adolescents.

Does the Word Suicide Still Qualify as Taboo?

The authors summarize their findings regarding the “taboo quality” of the word suicide among Florida adolescents.

Family Partnerships (IN: Youth Suicide Prevention School-Based Guide, developed by the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute)

For the complete Guide, please see SIEC #2004-1202.

Death in the School Community: a Handbook for Counselors, Teachers, and Administrators

This book is written for professionals who are in the position to guide reactions to a death occurring within a school community. It provides a step-by-step action plan & techniques for coping with posttraumatic stress disorder, facilitating healthy grief responses, & leading loss & grief groups. Special features such as case studies, sample forms, announcements […]

Suicide Prevention in the Schools: Guidelines for Middle and High School Settings

This book was written to provide guidelines for faculty & staff in middle & high schools who have been trained in appropriate use of the materials. The guidelines are divided into eight chapters: 1) a description of national trends in adolescent suicide & causes; 2) an explanation of the components of an individual school or […]

Suicide and the School: a Practical Guide to Suicide Prevention

This book includes the following chapters: 1) a brief overview; 2) youth suicide: facts, statistics, & implications; 3) understanding the psychology of student suicide; 4) legal issues concerning suicide in an educational setting (as pertains to the USA); 5) psychologically appropriate responses to student suicide; 6) a psychologically & legally sound suicide program; 7) a […]

Preventing Suicide: a Resource for Teachers and Other School Staff

Death and the Adolescent: a Resource Handbook for Bereavement Support Groups in Schools

Evaluation of the Ask – Assess – Act Suicide Intervention Training for School Personnel for the Fiscal Year 1997-1998

St. Francis High School Crisis Plan

How Confident do High School Counselors Feel in Recognizing Students at Risk for Suicide?

A survey was completed by a random sample of 186 American high school counsellors. Most counsellors believed that it was their role to recognize students at risk of suicide & that if they did, it would reduce student suicides. However, only 1 in 3 believed they could recognize a student at risk. Demographic characteristics of […]

Young People at Risk of Suicide: a Guide for Schools

This guide outlines the responsibilities of various parties within a school & sets out what is regarded to be “best practice” in the recognition, assessment, intervention with, & management of young people who may be at risk of suicide. It is recommended that a review or evaluation of policies & staff competence be built into […]

The Prevention, Recognition and Management of Young People at Risk of Suicide: Development of Guidelines for Schools

This report was commissioned to summarize the research literature & current “best practice” to assist schools in the development of guidelines on the prevention, recognition & management of young people at risk of suicide. It is designed to supplement the information provided in “Young People at Risk of Suicide: a Guide for Schools” (see SIEC […]

Team Up to Save Lives: What Your School Should Know About Preventing Youth Suicide

This CD-ROM has 3 main functions: 1) a tutorial for school caregivers. Each module begins with learning objectives, guides the user through the appropriate material & concludes with a few short questions on the material; 2) a model suicide prevention program which provides information on how to prepare & how to respond to suicide crises; […]

Helping Children Grieve at School

This article addresses important considerations for counsellors, teachers & school personnel interested in helping children grieve by honouring & integrating the grief process into a school. 3 areas vital to affecting an entire school climate are emphasized: being knowledge about the grief process, being open to the grief process & integrating the grief process into […]

Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Student Suicide

This article will explain the statistical profile of suicidal gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth; discuss the suicidal risk factors for this population; and propose preventive and responsive interventions for school counsellors. (31 refs.)

A Community Response to an Adolescent Suicide

In the winter of 1985, a small rural community experienced the suicide of a 16-year-old honours student. This article details the chronology of events & the community’s responses to this tragedy. The authors evaluate the responses & attempt to project the future consequences of what they perceived to be problems in the school & community.

Adolescent Suicide: Detection, Intervention, and Prevention

Adolescent suicide is discussed under 5 main sections: understanding the behavior, detection, risk factors, intervention & prevention. Common myths are listed. Detection clues such as verbal, behavioral, situational & syndromatic signs are elaborated upon. The authors explain suicide risk factors like gender, sexual orientation, race & giftedness. Intervention advice for suicidal adolescents is provided, as […]

Suicide and the Gifted Adolescent

Factors in suicidal behaviours among gifted adolescents were studied. From a total student population of 40,805, there were 42 reports of suicide-related occurrences, 8 of these by students identified as gifted. There were no cases of completed suicide. Five of the 8 were reported as gifted underachievers, 2 were in advanced placement classes & 2 […]

Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training for School Personnel: Program Design and Implementation Issues. Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to facilitate the design of a suicide prevention & intervention training program for school personnel that reflects current research & evaluation in this area. Information is provided about materials that were published after 1985 & that target adult learners. A summary of each reference provides a rating of […]

The Selection and use of Puppets in Counseling

The purpose of this article is to describe various counselling applications of puppetry with children including assessment, therapy, behaviour modification & group therapy. Practical factors affecting the selection of puppets are considered, e.g. choosing puppets which fit both children’s & adult’s hands. The basic skills of puppet use are also reviewed. (25 refs.)