Enduring and distancing: A grounded theory and photovoice study about women’s help-seeking for suicidality in the wake of intimate partner violence

Purpose Intimate partner violence and women’s suicidality are known to be positively correlated; however, behaviour patterns and processes on managing these experiences are not well known. The purpose of this study was to understand how women with a history of intimate partner violence seek help for suicidality through an exploration of women’s perspectives on the […]

‘The last thing you feel is the self-disgust’ the role of self-directed disgust in men who have attempted suicide: A grounded theory study

Objective: Globally, suicide affects more men than women. Emotional pain underpins many theoretical accounts of suicidality, yet little is known about the role of disgust in suicide. Self-directed disgust, whereby aspects of the self-serve as an object of disgust, has been hypothesised to factor in suicide. This research aimed to explore the processes which link self-disgust […]

Shame behind the masks: the parents’ perspective on their sons’ suicide.

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