Time trends and geographical clusters in suicide among Greenland Inuit

Between 1980 and 2018 Greenland has had one of the highest suicide rates in the world with an average rate of 96 suicides per 100.000 person-years. The aim of this study is to investigate suicide rates in Greenland according to age, birth cohort, period, sex, place of residence and suicide method from 1970 until 2018. […]

The tragedy of becoming tired of living: Youth and young adults’ suicide in Greenland and Denmark.

BACKGROUND: Suicide is a tremendous public health issue and worldwide the second leading cause of death among young people. In 2015, Greenland had the highest burden of disease due to self-harm with loss of 2,952.97 disability-adjusted life years per 100,000 inhabitants, more than six times as many as Denmark. AIMS: What are possible reasons for […]

Season of birth is different in Inuit suicide victims born into traditional than into modern lifestyle: A register study from Greenland.


An Evaluation of the Implementation of Greenland’s National Strategy for Suicide Prevention With Recommendations for the Future

This report is based on extensive interviews with relevant service providers, government officials, & young people in communities across Greenland. The report examines suicide & suicide prevention from an Arctic perspective & discusses what has been working & what has not worked so well. Recommendations are made for PAARISA (the Ministry of Health) as well […]

Hope and Resilience: Suicide Prevention in the Arctic. November 7-8, 2009 Conference Report

This seminar was the second gathering of suicide prevention professionals working in Arctic regions. The seminar examined what is working in suicide prevention & what makes it works – as well as generating attention to the importance of mental & physical well-being in the Arctic. This report has 7 sections: background; understanding the problem; best […]

Suicide by Greenlandic Youth, in Historical and Circumpolar Perspective (IN: Children and Youth in Greenland – an Anthology, edited by W Kahlig & N Banerjee)

This chapter presents a short summary of what is known (& not known, in a scientific way) about suicide by Greenlandic youth, & situates the present youth suicide situation in Greenland in historical & circumpolar perspective. (12 notes, 9 refs.) Contact us for a copy of this article, or view online at https://alaskaindigenous.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/hicks-sucide-in-greenland.pdf

Accentuation of Suicides but not Homicides With Rising Latitudes of Greenland in the Sunny Months


Suicide – A Challenge in Modern Greenland


Memorandum on Suicidal Ideations and Suicide Attempts Among Youth in Greenland

Modernization and Mental Health: Suicide Among the Inuit in Greenland


The Challenge of Reducing Youth Suicide in Greenland – Interventions, Strategies and Roads to be Explored

Proposal for a National Strategy for Suicide Prevention in Greenland


Culture Change and Mental Health: the Epidemiology of Suicide in Greenland


Psychical Problems of the Inuit Woman in Industrial Confrontation

The author addresses the problem of suicide in the Inuit population of Greenland, particularly among women. It is argued that increasing rates of suicide among this population are closely linked with the social problems associated with acculturation generated by processes of modern development. (7 refs)

Suicide in a Society in Transition

In the present study, information on the psycho-social background of suicides in Greenland is provided based on a review of death certificates & police reports for the period 1993-1995. The role of dysfunctional social networks in relation to suicide is discussed, & temporal trends in suicide rates are described for the different regions of Greenland. […]

Suicide in Greenland

This article reports on the rates of suicide in Greenland from 1900 to 1985. The work is based on police reports on completed suicides accompanying death certificates. In all cases the death was without doubt self-inflicted. A comparison of deaths from all causes throughout this period reveals that the rate of death from unnatural causes […]

Suicide in Greenland

This article describes the efforts of the Greenland Council on Health Promotion to decrease Greenland’s suicide rate. Information regarding the research projects the council is funding & implications on suicide prevention these results may have are presented. The author hypothesizes that suicide in Greenland is connected with the acculturative stress caused by the rapid development […]

On Suicide Statistics

The classical methodological problem of suicidology is reliability of official statistics. In this article, some contributions to the debate, particularly concerning the increased problem of suicide among Inuit, are reviewed. Secondly, the suicide statistics of Greenland are analyzed, with the conclusion that the official statistics, as published by the Danish Board of Health, are generally […]

Suicide in Greenland

This paper resulted from the Symposium on Psychiatric Epidemiology & Suicidology Among Children & Adults in the far North, Oulu, Finland, June 10-12, 1980.

Report of the Workshop on Best Practices in Suicide Prevention and the Evaluation of Suicide Prevention Programs in the Arctic

Workshop held in Iqaluit, Nunavut, March 14 & 15, 2003.

Cultural Change and Mental Health in Greenland: the Association of Childhood Conditions, Language, and Urbanization with Mental Health and Suicidal Thoughts Among the Inuit of Greenland

In Greenland, one of the characterizing features of the sociocultural change of the last 50 years has been an increased prevalence of mental health problems. This article presents data collected from two health interview surveys conducted among Inuit in Greenland & Inuit migrants in Denmark in 1993-94 & 1997-98. The prevalence of potential psychiatric cases […]

Suicide Among Inuit Youth in Greenland 1977-86

Disease Pattern in Greenland: Studies on Morbidity in Upernavik 1979-1980 and Mortality in Greenland 1968-1985