Character strength of hope and gratitude as protective factor of suicide

Character strengths of hope and gratitude acts as protective factors of against risk factors like depression and suicide ideation. Various studies have shown that individuals high on these protective factors are less prone to risk factors and less likely to have suicide ideation. A sample of 300 adolescents including both male and females was studied […]

Trait gratitude and suicidal ideation and behavior: An exploratory study.

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Gratitude and grit indirectly reduce risk of suicidal ideations by enhancing meaning in life: Evidence for a mediated moderation model.

Suicide is a problem of widespread concern and research into protective factors is needed. Meaning in life may be protective, but it is not directly modifiable. We examine gratitude and grit as two factors that synergistically buffer suicide through increased meaning in life. We find that grit and gratitude indirectly buffer suicide over time through […]