Suicide as globalisation’s Black Swan: lGobal evidence

Objectives This empirical study investigated the relationship between globalisation and suicide rates. We examined whether there is a beneficial or harmful relationship between economic, political and social globalisation and the suicide rate. We also estimated whether this relationship differs in high-, middle- and low-income countries. Study design Using panel data from 190 countries over the […]

Globalization and suicide: an ecological study across five regions of the world.

The impact of globalization on health is recognized to be influenced by country and regional-level factors. This study aimed to investigate the possible relationship between globalization and suicide in five world regions. An index measure of globalization was developed at the country level over 1980 to 2006. The association between the index and sex specific […]

The body economic: Why austerity kills.Recessions, budget battles and the politics of life and death.


The globalization of addiction: A study in the poverty of the spirit.

The Globalization of Addiction presents a radical rethink about the nature of addiction. Scientific medicine has failed when it comes to addiction. There are no reliable methods to cure it, prevent it, or take the pain out of it. There is no durable consensus on what addiction is, what causes it, or what should be […]