Recorded diagnosis of gender identity disorder is strongly associated with suicide mortality

We assessed the association between gender identity disorder (GID) diagnosis and suicide in a retrospective case–control study (N=300,364) from nine health care systems between 2000 and 2015. Adjusting for age and sex, the odds ratio for GID was 18.6 (95% confidence interval 7.0–49.5). Adjusting additionally for comorbid psychiatric diagnoses, the odds ratio was 4.75 (1.78–12.68), […]

Gender dysphoria in pediatric and transitional-aged youth hospitalized for suicidal behaviors: A cross-national inpatient study

Objective: Our study aims to demarcate the sociodemographic differences in pediatric patients hospitalized for suicidal behaviors and struggling with gender dysphoria. Additionally, we evaluated the demographic factors and comorbidities that are predictive of gender dysphoria in patients with suicidal behaviors. Methods: We included 319,430 patients (aged 6–24 years) with suicidal behaviors and a primary psychiatric diagnosis (per ICD-10 criteria) […]

Heterogeneity in gender dysphoria in a Brazilian sample awaiting gender-affirming surgery: A data-driven analysis

Background Population heterogeneity and the lack of clinical and sociodemographic information in transgender individuals with gender dysphoria (GD) remains a challenge for specialized services in mental health and surgical procedures. It aimed to identify and describe profiles in a sample waiting for gender-affirming surgery. Methods A sample of 100 outpatients with GD was assessed through […]