Suicidal as normal: A lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth script?

Background: Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) youth are more likely to report suicidal thoughts and/or behavior (STB) than heterosexual youth. The elevated suicidality of LGB youth is not fully accounted for by sexual-minority stress, according to a meta-analysis. A less-tested explanation is that suicidality has become an expected idiom of LGB youth distress. This explanation is […]

Recent suicide attempts across multiple social identities among gay and bisexual men: An intersectionality analysis

This study draws from intersectionality to describe variations in recent suicide attempts (RSA) among gay and bisexual men (GBM) across sociodemographics. Using survey data, logistic regression modeling explored RSA in two analytical stages: (1) the individual effects of each sociodemographic were measured; (2) two-way interaction terms between sociodemographics were tested and added to the models […]

Suicide prevention from the perspectives of gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men

Although gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men (GBTSM) experience high rates of suicidality, there have been few empirical studies of prevention initiatives and policies that could address or reverse this major social problem. This article reports on a photovoice study of 29 GBTSM who had a history of suicidality or lost a fellow GBTSM to suicide. […]

Prevalence of depression, anxiety and suicide among men who have sex with men in China: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Aims. Chinese men who have sex with men (MSM) are at high risk for depression, anxiety and suicide. The estimated prevalence of these problems is essential to guide public health policy, but published results vary. This meta-analysis aimed to estimate the prevalence of depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms and suicide among Chinese MSM. Methods. Systematic searches […]

Relationship status and suicidal behavior in gay men: The role of thwarted belongingness and hope

Objective Levels of suicidal behavior among gay men are a significant concern. The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide proposes that being unpartnered is a risk factor for suicidal behavior due to thwarted belongingness; however, this has yet to be tested empirically. Recent studies also indicate that the two components of hope, agency and pathways, may be […]

Using photovoice to understand suicidality among gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men

This study explored the drivers of suicidality from the perspectives of gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men (GB2SM) with a history of suicidality. Twenty-one GB2SM participated in this photovoice study taking photographs to depict and discuss their previous suicidality. Data were collected from in-depth individual interviews in which participants discussed their photographs and in turn offered […]

Suicide and HIV as leading causes of death among gay and bisexual men: A comparison of estimated mortality and published research

Gay and bisexual men experience numerous health disparities relative to heterosexual men, including high rates of HIV and suicidal behavior. Systematic community health assessments could provide direct comparisons of the burden of mortality across diseases and thus facilitate the prioritization of public health activities; however, such assessments have been precluded by the absence of sexual […]

Suicidality among gay and bisexual men in Taiwan: Its relationship with sexuality and gender role characteristics, homophobic bullying victimization, and social support

This study aimed to examine the associations of suicidality in emerging adulthood with time of coming out, gender role nonconformity, sexual orientation, traditional and cyber homophobic bullying victimization, and family and peer support during childhood in gay and bisexual men in Taiwan. The frequency of “experiencing suicide ideation” and “attempting suicide” in the past year […]

Healthcare engagement among gay and bisexual men with recent suicide ideation or attempts

ay and bisexual men experience elevated rates of suicide ideation and attempts, as compared with heterosexual men, but face unique barriers in accessing health services. In this context, the present study sought to describe rates of health care engagement among gay and bisexual men with a recent history of suicide ideation or attempts. An anonymous […]

Gays and mental health:fighting depression, saying no to suicide.