Temporal Variation in Irish Suicide Rates

Using Irish suicide data for the period 1990-1998, the independent effects of month & day were assessed. The authors found that the male suicide rate was significantly higher on working Mondays & Saturdays, & during April, June, & August. In contrast, female suicide rates were higher only in August & exhibited no day effect. Teenage […]

Transposition of Suicidal Behaviour: Suicide Attempts Around Public Holidays in Europe

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

Historical Change of Suicide Seasonality in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

This work compares suicide seasonalities in Zurich, Switzerland, in the 16th-18th centuries, 1901-1920 & 1969-1994. The results indicate shifts of peaks & lows on suicide seasonalities over the centuries, with a smoothing of seasonalities toward the 21st century. The recent period does not show any suicide seasonality at all. The canton of Zurich seems to […]

Suicides at the Millennium

This article hypothesizes on the suicide rate during New Year’s Day of 2000. The author presents evidence that New Year’s Day, contrary to other holidays, has a higher suicide rate than the non-holiday days. He suggests that this may be the result of a ‘broken promise’ in which an event transpires but does not fulfill […]

Elevated Suicide Rates on the First Workday: a Replication in Israel

This study verified variations in suicide rates throughout the days of the week among Israel Defense Force soldiers during 1974-2001. Results confirmed the findings of most previous studies. The first workday was associated with a 60% increase in suicide rate among young men, but not among women. The authors suggest that this finding may indicate […]

The 1994-1995 Baseball and Hockey Strikes and Their Impact on Suicide and Homicide Rates in the United States

Because some individuals’ identities are influenced by an affiliation with professional sports teams, the impact of the 1994-1995 professional baseball & hockey strikes on suicide & homicide rates is examined. Gabennesh’s (1988) theory of broken promises is used to examine the relationship between strikes & homicide/suicide rates. Controlling for divorce, unemployment rates, & seasonality, results […]