Supporting survivors of suicide loss: A guide for funeral directors. 2nd ed.

This guide provides critical information and practical advice to help funeral directors better serve people who are bereaved by a suicide loss. It also suggests useful resources for suicide loss survivors. The second edition is a collaboration of Education Development Center (EDC) and Samaritans, Inc., with input from funeral directors, psychologists, and suicide loss survivors. […]

Ritual vicissitudes: The uncertainties of Singaporean suicide rites.

In this article, I examine how Singaporean Chinese families and funeral professionals work together to ritually manage the meaning and consequences of a death by suicide. While the now dated literature on Chinese mortuary practice emphasizes the formality and rigidity of death rituals, during fieldwork I noted many moments of confusion within ritual, moments of […]

A Moral Life After a Suicide Death in Taiwan

This article presents the findings of a qualitative study exploring what suicide survivors in Taiwan experienced after a family member’s suicide & how they adjusted to the perceived stigma. 15 suicide survivors participated in the study. It was found that when a family member’s suicide death occurred, survivors first kept a low profile when holding […]

Lessons Learned: a Suicide in a Small Police Department (In: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

When a police officer dies by suicide, it has a tremendous impact on every level of the police department. Through analysis of an individual case of the suicide of a police officer from a small city department, the authors explore the impact on other officers & on the department as a whole. Based on this […]

But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: Helping Children and Families After a Suicide (2nd Edition)

This book is written as seen through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy whose father died by suicide. It starts by discussing the family immediately after the suicide & ends five years later. The first chapter focuses on the strain associated with telling a child someone they loved died by suicide while the last chapter […]

Customs and Traditions in Times of Death and Bereavement (3rd Edition)

This booklet provides general information on bereavement & funeral customs in different religions & cultures, including: the Blackfoot Confederacy, Buddhism, China, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Eastern Orthodox, Hinduism, Hutterite, Muslim, Jehovah Witness, Judaism, Mennonite, Protestant, Roman Catholic, & Sikhism. A glossary defines a number of terms associated with bereavement & funerals.

Talking Together About Death: a Bereavement Pack for People With Learning Disabilities, Their Families & Carers

This resource pack is specifically designed for families & carers to share the experience of death & bereavement with those with learning disabiliites. The package is set up so that materials can be selected to best meet the needs of the individual in exploring, discussing, & sharing personal feelings & experiences. The package contains a […]

A Friend’s View of Suicide (IN: Suicide: Strategies and Interventions for Reduction and Prevention, ed. by S Palmer)


Preparing Liturgies for Victims of Suicide

As well as covering every aspect of the liturgy itself, this book also deals with issues like the connection between the symbolism of baptism & that of Christian funerals, the offertory procession, the choice of music, & the selection of appropriate readings. The book aims to help those involved be more sensitive to the particular […]

Sudden Loss Support

This booklet provides information for family & friends after the sudden or unexpected death of a loved one. It includes practical information about grief & loss related to suicide, supporting children, self-care, & seeking help.

Coping With Suicide

This book offers survivors of suicide insights into their feelings, support in grieving, & guidance to the help available in various countries. The authors shows that survivors are not alone in their distress & offers hope for the future.

After a Parent’s Suicide: Helping Children Heal


Hope and Healing: a Practical Guide for Survivors of Suicide

This booklet was written to help families after the suicide of a loved one. Information is provided on reactions to suicide, the emergency response & investigation, practical matters such as arranging a funeral & dealing with legal & financial matters, & working through grief.

Surviving a Suicide Loss: a Financial Guide


You are not Alone: a Guide for Survivors in Managing the Aftermath of a Suicide

“Or I’ll be Buried in the King’s High Way”: Abdication and the Interment of Suicides in Richard II


Being Responsive – During a Crisis


Breaking the Silence: New Options for Death Notices After a Suicide

When Clients Kill Themselves – how Therapists Cope With Client Suicide

In this article, the author explores the emotional reactions of therapists to the loss of a client to suicide, & suggests several actions for coping with the immediate aftermath of such a loss, which may help to ease the passage from therapist to survivor. (12 refs)

After a Suicide

This booklet is written for those who are likely to be most affected by a death by suicide & is intended as a general guide for some of the common issues faced by survivors. Part 1 explores the feelings & emotions that survivors may experience & suggests ways of coping with these. Part 2 covers […]

Do we Bury Suicides From the Church?: A Practical Paper


Death in Colombia (IN: Death and Bereavement Around the World, vol.2: The Americas, ed. by J D Morgan and P Laungani)