Service Implications of Providing Intensive Monitoring During High-Risk Periods for Suicide Among VA Patients With Depression

This study assessed the frequency of high-risk periods in clinical settings, the levels of monitoring provided during these periods, & the estimated costs of providing monitoring consistent with the most stringent recommendations for treatment periods after antidepressant change. Over the study period (1999-2004), Veterans Affairs’ patients averaged less than one high-risk period each year. The […]

Suicide Among Discharged Psychiatric Inpatients in the Department of Veterans Affairs

This study explored correlates of the use of firearms in suicide. A national sample of psychiatric patients discharged from Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers was followed from time of discharge until December 1999. Patients who were male, Caucasian, & who had a diagnosis of substance abuse or posttraumatic stress disorder were significantly more likely […]

Suicide Attempters: Biological Stressmarkers and Adverse Life Events

This study investigated stressful life events & biological stress markers among former psychiatric inpatients who were followed up 12 years after an index suicide attempt. At the time of the index attempt, & before treatment, cerebrospinal fluid samples were taken & urine was collected. Data concerning stressful life events were collected retrospectively from all participants […]

Suicidal Ideation in Prisoners: Risk Factors and Relevance to Suicidal Behaviour. A Prospective Case-Control Study

This study investigated risk factors for suicide ideation in prisoners as well as the prediction of suicidal behaviour by suicide ideation. 67 male Greek prisoners who expressed suicide ideation were evaluated; 67 prisoners without suicide ideation served as controls. All participants were followed-up prospectively for 12 months after their initial assessment. Independent significant risk factors […]

Suicide in Severe Depression Related to Treatment: Depressive Characteristics and Rate of Antidepressant Overdose

This study assessed the association between depressive characteristics & completed suicide despite adequate antidepressant therapy in severe depression & investigated the frequency of lethal antidepressant overdoses. A record evaluation was performed of 98 suicide victims with a primary severe depression & admitted to the Department of Psychiatry, Lund University Hospital between 1956-1969. Follow-up continued to […]

Suicide and Mental Illness in Parents and Risk of Suicide in Offspring: a Birth Cohort Study

The risk of offspring suicide was examined in relation to parental history of suicide & other risk factors. 7177 adult offspring born 1959-1961 & their parents from the Copenhagen Perinatal Cohort were studied. 48 cohort members, 77 mothers & 133 fathers had died by suicide during the follow-up. Independent of parental psychiatric illness & social […]

Individual and Parental Psychiatric History and Risk for Suicide Among Adolescents and Young Adults in Denmark: a Population-Based Study

Suicide risk among adolescents & young adults was explored according to detailed aspects of individual & parental psychiatric admission history. A nested case-control study used data from 4,142 Danish suicides & 82,840 matched controls, aged 9-35 years. Data were analyzed with conditional logistic regression. A history of hospitalized psychiatric illness was a strong risk factor […]

Factors of Early Suicide After Discharge: a National Linkage Study for Suicide Victims in Taiwan

This study aimed to identify the characteristics associated with early suicide of those patients discharged from psychiatric wards in Taiwan. The results indicated that among 672 suicide victims who died within one year post-discharge between 2000-2004, diagnosis of schizophrenia, shorter disease duration, & co-morbidity with cancer were all significantly associated with suicide occurring within one […]

A Preliminary Investigaton of Suicidality in Psychiatrically Hospitalized Veterans With Traumatic Brain Injury


Follow up of People Recently Discharged From Psychiatric Inpatient Care

In this letter to the editor, the authors report on an initiative to improve the follow-up assessment of patients within the first week after discharge from inpatient care. There was one suicide during the initial audit period & no suicides occurred in the second audit phase. There were no records of non-fatal deliberate self-harm during […]

Reductions in Postdischarge Suicide After Deinstitutionalization and Decentralization: a Nationwide Register Study in Finland


Tracking Tragedy: a Systemic Look at Homicide by Mental Health Patients and Suicide Death of Patients in Community Mental Health Settings Third Report of the Committee

Please see SIEC #2005-0789 and 2005-0790 for previous reports.

Longitudinal Trajectories and Predictors of Adolescent Suicidal Ideation and Attempts Following Inpatient Hospitalization

A sample of 143 adolescents, 12-15 years, was assessed during psychiatric inpatient hospitalization & again at 3, 6, 9, 15, & 18 months postdischarge through a series of structured interviews & parent- & adolescent-reported instruments. Latent growth curve analysis revealed a period of suicide ideation remission between baseline & 6-month follow-up, as well as a […]

Discharging Psychiatric Patients From Hospital

In the period following discharge from hospital, psychiatric patients are at high risk of readmission. Suicide data tend to mirror those for readmission. Rates of suicide are high in the year after discharge, particularly within the first 28 days. In this editorial, it is noted there is no good evidence to direct efforts to improve […]

Death by Unnatural Causes During Childhood and Early Adulthood in Offspring of Psychiatric Inpatients

This study investigated cause-specific deaths at 1 to 25 years in offspring of Danish parents previously admitted as psychiatric inpatients. A population-based cohort study was conducted. The highest observed relative risk was for homicide in young & older children with affected mothers or fathers. In almost one-fourth of the suicides, there was a history of […]

Time to Emergence of Severe Suicidal Ideation Among Psychiatric Patients as a Function of Suicide Attempt History

Differences in time to reemergence of severe suicide ideation among 117 psychiatric patients as a function of their suicide attempt histories were investigated. Suicidal ideation, depressive symptoms, hopelessness, & depressogenic cognitions were assessed at baseline & suicide ideation was assessed at 3-, 6-, 12-, & 18-month follow-up as well as inpatient readmission. Survival analysis was […]

Death and Suicide Among Former Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Patients


Suicide Risk in Relation to Level of Urbanicity – a Population-Based Linkage Study


Reduction in Postdischarge Suicide in Sweden


Risk Factors for Suicide in the Immediate Post-Discharge Period


Duration of Hospitalization and Post Discharge Suicide


Follow-up Study of Patients With Attempted Suicide


Continued Antidepressant Treatment and Suicide in Patients With Depressive Disorder

Antidepressant use in Denmark, as in many developed countries, has substantially increased during recent years, coinciding with a decreasing suicide rate. In a nationwide observational cohort study with linkage of registers of all prescribed antidepressants and recorded suicides in Denmark from 1995 to 2000, we investigated the relation between continued treatment with antidepressants and suicide […]