Forgiveness and blame among suicide survivors: A qualitative analysis on reports of 4-year self-help-group meetings

This article presents the qualitative analysis of reports obtained through participant observations collected over a 4-year period in a series of suicide survivor self-help group meetings. It analysed how grievers’ healing was managed by their own support. The longitudinal study was focused on self/other blame and forgiveness. Results show how self-blame was continuously present along […]

Self-forgiveness, posttraumatic stress, and suicide attempts among military personnel and veterans.

Limited research has focused on protective factors associated with decreased suicide risk among military personnel and veterans. Self-forgiveness, defined as Òthe act of generosity and kindness toward the self following self-perceived inappropriate action,Ó may be associated with decreased risk for suicide ideation and attempts, but few studies have examined this relationship. Self-forgiveness did not moderate […]

Depressive symptoms and interpersonal needs as mediators of forgiveness and suicidal behavior among rural primary care patients.

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US, and rates of suicide are higher in rural than urban areas. As proposed by the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicide, thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness are risk factors for suicidal behavior, although protective individual-level characteristics such as forgiveness, may indirectly affect suicidal behavior by decreasing […]

Forgiveness as a moderator of the association between anger expression and suicidal behaviour.

Anger is often associated with poor physical and mental health, including suicidal behaviour. Anger expression is typically conceptualised as inward or outward-directed, with each mode of expression having potentially different aetiologies and health manifestations. Individual characteristics such as religion or spirituality may buffer against the effects of anger. One such characteristic, forgiveness, is the voluntary […]