Ethanol and illicit drugs acute use and abuse as risk factors for suicide: A case-control study based on forensic autopsies in the Basque Country, Spain

Introduction: Abuse/dependence and acute use of ethanol and illicit drug are considered risk factors for suicide. The risk is also influenced by demographic conditions and/or psychiatric comorbidity. The aim of the study was to test the association between presence of ethanol, illicit substances and prescribed drugs in suicide decedents and controls. Materials and methods: Case–control study of autopsies performed in the Biscay Forensic […]

Lessons learnt from the narratives of women who self-harm in prison

Background: In England and Wales, women in prison make up a minority (<5%) of the total custodial population, yet acts of self-harm are around five times more common among incarcerated women. While there has been a multiagency effort to improve how acts of self-harm are documented across prisons, the patterns and functions of self-harm for women […]

Psychiatric medication intake in suicide victims: Gender disparities and implications for suicide prevention

Frequency and gender differences of psychiatric medication intake in a sample of suicide victims from the Athens Greater Area were investigated with a particular focus on the implications for suicide prevention. Data were collected from the toxicological analyses of the suicide cases of the period November 2007-October 2009. Information was available for 262 individuals, 196 […]

Associations between parole, probation, arrest, and self-reported suicide attempts

This study estimated the associations between three categories of recent community criminal justice (CJ) involvement (arrest, parole, and probation) and suicide attempts, while accounting for how the categories overlap. Participants included adults aged ≥ 18 who completed the 2008–2014 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health. The outcome was self-reported suicide attempt(s) in the past 12 months (in […]

The association of adverse childhood experiences and appetitive aggression with suicide attempts and violent crimes in male forensic psychiatry inpatients.


Two decades of adolescent suicides assessed at Milan University`s medicolegal unit: Epidemiology, forensic pathology and psychopathology.