Worldwide suicide mortality trends by firearm (1990–2019): A joinpoint regression analysis

Suicide by firearm is a major public health problem in many countries. But, studies that investigated the mortality of suicide by firearm on a global scale are still limited. The aim of this study was to assess the global, regional and national trends in mortality of suicide by firearm from 1990 to 2019.

Firearm access and suicidal crises among young adults experiencing homelessness in the United States: A lethal intersection

Background: Young adults experiencing homelessness (YAEH) report high rates of suicidal crises. Having access to firearms during suicidal crises elevates risk of death by suicide. Yet, no known information exists about firearm access among YAEH. Aims: We aimed to examine the proportion of participants who had firearm access, as well as the association between past-year suicidal crises and[…]

Suicides at shooting ranges

Background: Some shooting ranges have adopted policies to prevent suicides at their facilities. Little data have been available to guide them. Aim: We aimed to describe the incidence and characteristics of suicides at public shooting ranges. Method: We conducted text searches of 63,710 firearm suicides in the 16 states participating in the National Violent Death Reporting System from 2004 to[…]

Frequency of clinicians’ assessments for access to lethal means in persons at risk for suicide

We measured the frequency of clinicians’ assessments for access to lethal means, including firearms and medications in patients at risk of suicide from electronic medical and mental health records in outpatient and emergency settings.
We included adult patients who reported suicide ideation on the PHQ-9 depression screener in behavioral health[…]

Lethal means assessment in psychiatric emergency services: Frequency and characteristics of assessment

Lethal means safety is an effective suicide prevention strategy with demonstrated results at the population level, yet individual-level uptake is less well understood.
Using automated data extraction methods, we conducted an investigation of electronic health records from psychiatric emergency service (PES) patients from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2017[…]

Mental health treatment seeking and history of suicidal thoughts among suicide decedents by mechanism, 2003-2018

Importance  Understanding mental health and substance use treatment seeking and suicidality among suicide decedents is important to determine prevention efforts. Objective  To evaluate differences in treatment seeking and suicidality between suicide decedents who died by firearms and those who died by other methods. Design, Setting, and Participants  Cross-sectional data were collected on 234 652 suicide decedents from 2003 to[…]

Talking about “firearm injury” and “gun violence”: Words matter

“Firearm injury” is a term used within academic and public health publications and programs because of the impression that it is more neutral and encompasses all types of injury, but it may be less well understood by the general public. These differences in terminology have implications for public health interventions, patient care, and participation in[…]

Firearms: The leading cause of years of potential life lost

Objectives Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that firearm deaths are increasing in the USA. The aims of this study were to determine the magnitude of potential years of life lost due to firearms and to examine the evolution of firearm deaths on the basis of sex, race, and geographical[…]

Lethal means counseling, distribution of cable locks, and safe firearm storage practices among the Mississippi National Guard: A factorial randomized controlled trial, 2018-2020

Objectives. To examine whether lethal means counseling and provision of cable locks prompt safe firearm storage relative to control among firearm-owning members of the Mississippi National Guard. Methods. This randomized controlled trial utilized a 2 × 2 factorial design (lethal means counseling vs control, provision of cable locks vs no cable locks). Follow-up assessments took place at[…]

Adolescent gun violence prevention: Reducing access to lethal means of suicide (IN: Adolescent Gun Violence Prevention, edited by N.A. Dodson)

Suicidality remains an incredible mortality threat to adolescents in the United States. While self-harm continues to serve as a concerning risk factor for suicide, reassuring evidence suggests that the majority of individuals that survive their first suicide attempt will ultimately never complete suicide. Therefore, the lethality of suicide method makes a significant impact on the[…]