Chasing Death: Losing a Child to Suicide

This book is written by a mother who lost her 20-year-old son to suicide. It tells his story as well as the experiences of other families mourning the loss of a child to suicide.

The Coldest Night: a Family’s Experience of Suicide

“The Coldest Night” tells the story of a mother’s loss of her 22-year-old son to suicide. The story begins from the moment she learned of her son’s death, through the post-mortem, the funeral, & the subsequent months of bewilderment & shock as she & her family tried to come to terms with a changed life […]

Real men do cry: a Quarterback’s Inspiring Story of Tackling Depression and Surviving Suicide Loss (Revised Edition)

The author, formerly a quarterback in the National Football League, lost his 15-year-old son to suicide. In this book, Hipple discusses not only his grief journey but also his struggle with and recovery from depression.

Postvention: the Impact of Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour on Family Members, Professionals and Organisations (IN: Relating to Self-Harm and Suicide. Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Practice, Theory and Prevention, ed. by S Briggs, A Lemma and W Crouch


20 Years to Suicide: a Father Looks Back

In this book, the author reflects on the life of his son who died by suicide at the age of 20. Although their lives had many parallel experiences, the father received help for himself while his son did not.

Personal Growth After a Suicide Loss: Cross-Sectional Findings Suggest Growth After Loss may be Associated With Better Mental Health Among Survivors

With a diverse sample of 462 parent survivors of a child’s suicide, the authors explored the association of the personal growth subscale of the Hogan Grief Reaction Checklist with mental health problems among longer-term survivors. Additional validation for this scale’s association with longer-term survivorship & reduced grief difficulties is offered. In addition, its negative relationship […]

How They Died, Time Since Loss, and Bereavement Outcomes


Parental Portraits of Suicide: Narrating the Loss of a Young Adult Child


Locating and Understanding Voices in Narrative Inquiry: a Journey of Discovery (IN: Qualitative Journeys: Student and Mentor Experiences With Research, edited by V Minichiello & J A Kottler)


In the Aftermath of Teenage Suicide: a Qualitative Study of the Psychosocial Consequences for the Surviving Family Members

13 cases from 1995-1998 were retrospectively identified from a larger project on adolescent unnatural death in northern Sweden. 10 families agreed to participate in open interviews. These took place 15-25 months after the suicide & data gathered was analyzed according to a grounded theory model. At the time of the interview, the families were still […]

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Maternal Identity Following Child Suicide: Abridged

This paper reports on a qualitative study of 6 mothers who lost one child & 1 mother who lost two children, over the age of 16, to suicide. Participants were interviewed about important components of their maternal identity, the psychological & social implications of losing their child to suicide & strategies for managing the difficulties […]

Mothering After Suicide: the Poetry of Susan J. Woitas

Susan Woitas wrote the first poem in her collection “Lost Lives” after losing her 17-year-old son to suicide in November 1997 & the last poem in December 2005, three years after the death of her second son, who also died by suicide at the age of 17. In addition to presenting Woitas’s poetry, this paper […]

Lost Lives

This book is a collection of poems. The author is the survivor of multiple suicides in her family, including the loss of her two sons.

If Only… Personal Stories of Loss Through Suicide


Cardinal Feathers: Gifts From my Son’s Life…and Death by Suicide


Tales of Biographical Disintegration: how Parents Make Sense of Their Sons’ Suicides

This study of parents bereaved by their sons’ suicides drew on psychological autopsy data but used qualitative analytic methods. 14 semi-structured interviews were conducted. Some parents represented their sons as victims who were cruelly destroyed by external forces while others portrayed them as agents of their own destruction. Either way, their narratives were dominated by […]

Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts: a Mother’s Revelations and Struggles to Cope With Grief due to Suicide of her Only Child

In this book, the author uses poetry to express her grief at the loss of her son (and only child) to suicide. The book also provides information on support groups, website, & getting help for those who think they have no hope for the future.

The Angel and the Dragon: a Father’s Search for Answers to his Son’s Mental Illness and Suicide

In November 1996 the author’s son died by suicide. This book is a first-hand account of Charley Aurthur’s struggle with severe mental illness, numerous hospitalizations, & several other suicide attempts before his death. In the process of telling his son’s story, Aurthur addresses his own search to understand mental illness & its treatment.

Meditations for Survivors of Suicide

This book blends the author’s story of bereavement after her son’s suicide with Christian Scripture. Woelfel hopes the book will help other survivors to see there is a spiritual life beyond their grief.

A Thousand Moments of Solitude (A Personal Encounter With Suicide)

This book presents a biographical testimonial of a father’s experience of his son’s suicide. Sanchez’s narrative interweaves autobiography, a biography of his son’s struggle with mental illness, a review of diagnostic tools used by psychiatrists for mental disorders, fictional accounts of the lives & deaths by suicide of historical personages & fictional characters, & a […]

Goodbye Jeanine. A Mother’s Faith Journey After her Daughter’s Suicide

This book is the author’s faith journey from the despair caused by her daughter’s suicide back to hope & joy. Her story reveals how she learned to survive the mixed emotions of loss, anger, guilt, fear, & shame.

The Empty Chair: the Journey of Grief After Suicide

This book recounts the author’s grief after her daughter’s death by suicide. Her story is interwoven with those of other survivors. Various aspects of grief are discussed in alphabetical order, including acceptance, anger, anniversaries, blame, communication, comparisons, counselling, denial, depression, forgiveness, friends, getting on with life, good-byes, guilt, healing, helplessness, holidays, loneliness/isolation, measuring progress, memories, […]

Grieving the Unexpected: the Suicide of a Son

In this book, the author openly discusses his family’s struggle to survive the suicide of his oldest child, the things that sustained them during the initial shock, & the heling process that enabled them to commence their journey towards wellness. The book also is meant to help those who minister to people who are grieving.