The relationship between portrayals of nonsuicidal self-injury, attitudes, knowledge, and behavior

Background: The high prevalence of nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) among young people has prompted research into why this may be a chosen coping strategy. One possibility is that the behavior is modeled from media depictions. Aims: The study examined the relationship between viewing films featuring NSSI and an individuals’ knowledge, attitudes toward, and engagement in NSSI. Method: 317 individuals […]

Systematic review and meta-analyses of suicidal outcomes following fictional portrayals of suicide and suicide attempt in entertainment media

Background Guidelines to encourage responsible reporting of suicide in news media are a key component of suicide prevention strategies. Recent guidelines have been developed on portrayal of suicide in entertainment media although the relationship between these portrayals and subsequent suicidal behaviour has received considerably less attention in research. Methods We conducted a systematic review and […]

A review of the literature regarding fictional film and television portrayals of mental illness.

Fictional films and television programs may exert a powerful influence on community attitudes towards mental illness because of their broad reach and appeal. The current report reviews the available literature on the portrayal of mental illness in these media, in order to address three research questions: What is the extent and nature of portrayal of […]