The association between COVID-19-related fear and reported self-harm in a national survey of people with a lifetime history of self-harm

Background Relatively little is known about the characteristics of people living in the community who have previously self-harmed and may benefit from interventions during and after COVID-19. We therefore aimed to: (a) examine the relationship between reported self-harm and COVID-19-related fear, and (b) describe the characteristics of a community sample of people who reported a […]

I can stomach that! Fearlessness about death predicts attenuated facial electromyography activity in response to death-related images.

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Terror management after a recent suicide attempt.

Suicide is a controversial phenomenon that people of different cultures and even of different epochs have had difficulty naming. It used to be an enduring theme of many medical, psychological, philosophical, and moralistic discussions. It is a paradoxical act of ultimate self-destruction, a flight from life to death. To commit suicide is to overcome the […]