Preconception factors associated with postnatal mental health and suicidality among first‑time fathers: Results from an Australian Longitudinal Study of Men’s Health

Purpose Prospective evidence about men at risk of postnatal difficulties is rare–particularly for postpartum suicidal ideation. This study aimed to determine the extent to which first-time fathers reported depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation and behaviours in the first postnatal year, and to identify preconception risk factors for postnatal mental health difficulties. Methods Secondary analysis of data […]

Barriers to physical activity for father’s living in marginalising conditions

Physical activity can be a conduit for improving men’s social connectedness as well as physical gains for well-being. However, marginalised men, and fathers in particular, can be challenged to engage in leisure time physical activity. This qualitative study reports how fathers, who experience complex and significant social and health inequities, conceptualise and experience barriers to […]