An exploration of the relationship between adverse events on the farm and suicidal ideation in farmers

Background: The risk of suicide for agricultural workers in parts of the United Kingdom (UK) is almost twice the national average. Existing literature has suggested that adverse farming events, where failure is  determined by uncontrollable and unpredictable forces, may be to blame. Yet, the impact of such events on farmer suicidality has not been explicitly […]

Farmer mental health: A recovery-oriented approach to support Alberta farmers for a sustainable future

Alberta is among Canada’s most productive agricultural economies contributing approximately $9.68 billion to the provincial economy in 2020. In fact, Alberta’s agriculture industry is a key driver of economic recovery in a post-COVID world. However, farmers face a range of occupational stressors unlike individuals in any other industry: unpredictable weather, volatile markets, animal-disease outbreaks, depopulation, […]

Characteristics of suicide among farmers and ranchers: Using the CDC NVDRS 2003–2018

Background: Suicide is among the top 10 causes of premature death in the United States. This study provides details on farmer and rancher suicide decedents, including demographic information, mental health status, history of suicidal thoughts and attempts, and circumstances associated with death. Methods: Data for this study were obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s […]

The role of social work in confronting the farmer suicide crisis: Best practice recommendations and a call to action

Although estimates of prevalence vary, suicide rates among farmers are high and pose an important challenge for mental health policy and practice. The lack of mental health resources in many rural communities is a significant barrier to improving farmer mental health outcomes. The current paper will review (1) current findings related to the psychosocial functioning […]

Farmer suicide in Wisconsin: A qualitative analysis

Purpose There is a need to address suicide among farmers in the United States and understand what contributes to suicide among American farmers. The purpose of this qualitative study is to analyze narrative data to uncover circumstances that were present in the lives of farmers who died by suicide. Methods This study leverages data available […]

Mental health: A priority for our farmers. Report of the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food

Recent data shows that 7% of Canadians perceive their mental health as fair or poor. Some studies indicated that farmers are more at risk of such challenges. Many witnesses told the Committee that mental health issues are prevalent in their occupation. Some even shared their own experiences in dealing with mental distress. This report identifies […]

Suicide and its prevention for ageing farmers: Final report

Deaths by suicide for farming men and women have a huge impact on the family and rural and agricultural communities in which they occur. The disproportionately high rate of farmer suicide has not declined in Australia even though as a community we have known about this problem for many years (Guiney, 2012; Judd et al., […]

Yes, U.S. farmer suicide is significantly higher than the national average

This work analyzes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 17-state survey and its subsequent errata on U.S. suicide rates. The CDC study, which had generated media interest on U.S. farmer suicide, was retracted following the emergence of a coding error. Although the CDC corrected and republished its survey, inconsistent claims grounded on statistical […]

Economic and climatic determinants of farmer suicide in the United States

Farming has an elevated rate of suicide in the U.S. and elsewhere. This study explores a number of hypotheses as to causal factors explaining the high farmer suicide rate, including climate change (e.g., extreme temperatures, variable precipitation) and economic factors, such as price and income volatility. The CDC nonpublic vital statistic data is utilized on […]

Time trend of suicide in Swiss male farmers and comparison with other men: A cohort study

OBJECTIVE The ongoing agricultural reforms present serious challenges for Swiss farmers. Pressure is growing with difficult economic situations and the increasing demands for environmental protection, animal welfare and food safety. The aim of this study was to determine whether the strain is associated with higher risk of suicide in farmers than in men in other […]

Suicide of a farmer amid COVID-19 in India: Perspectives on social determinants of suicidal behavior and prevention strategies

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has impacted not only physical health but also mental health and wellbeing globally. These impacts can be critically higher among marginalized individuals and populations like farmers in India. While most of them live in poor socioeconomic conditions, recent psychosocial challenges due to the COVID-19 lockdown had brought endless suffering in their […]

Suicide in rural Australia: Are farming-related suicides different?

Rural Australians experience a range of health inequities-including higher rates of suicide-when compared to the general population. This retrospective cohort study compares demographic characteristics and suicide death circumstances of farming- and non-farming-related suicides in rural Victoria with the aim of: (a) exploring the contributing factors to farming-related suicide in Australia’s largest agricultural producing state; and […]

Consequences of farmer suicide in India and action plans for stopping farmer suicides

India is an agrarian country with around 60% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Agriculture in India is often attributed as gambling with monsoon of its almost exclusive dependency on precipitation from monsoons. The failure of these monsoon can lead to a series of droughts lack of better prices and exploitation of […]

The burden of farmer suicide on surviving family members: A qualitative survey

The purpose of this descriptive qualitative study was to better understand the burden of farmer suicide on surviving family members. Themes included: (1) family members expressed guilt; (2) family members experienced symptoms of psychological distress; (3) family members felt attached to the land and chose to remain on the farm; (4) short-term coping mechanisms included […]