Prevalence and characteristics of interpersonal violence in people dying from suicide in Victoria, Australia.

Victims of interpersonal violence are known to be at increased risk of suicidal ideation and attempts; however, few data exist on the impact that violence has on the risk of death from suicide. This study examined 2153 suicides (1636 males and 517 females) occurring between 2009 and 2012. Information was sourced from the Coroners Court […]

Documented family violence and risk of suicide attempt among U.S. Army soldiers.

Suicide attempt (SA) rates in the U.S. Army increased substantially during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This study examined associations of family violence (FV) history with SA risk among soldiers. Using administrative data from the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers (Army STARRS), we identified person-month records of active duty, Regular Army, enlisted […]

Homicide-suicide and the role of mental disorder: A national consecutive case series.

There is a lack of robust empirical research examining mental disorder and homicideÐsuicide. Primary care medical records are seldom used in homicideÐsuicide research. The aims of this study were to describe the characteristics of offenders and victims; determine the prevalence of mental disorder and contact with mental health services and examine adverse events prior to […]

Annual report to the Minister of Human Services: 2014/2015 annual report.


The unfit parent: Six myths concerning dangerousness and mental illness.

There is a pervasive assumption that mental illness equates to dangerousness and violence as it applies to parenting. We examine this assumption and present a comprehensive literature review of how issues of mental illness impact violence and dangerousness. A range of issues is explored, including the unpredictability of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, stress from mental […]

Intimate partner violence: Are perpetrators also victims and are they more likely to experience suicide ideation?

The current study examined the relations among several risk factors, hopelessness, depressive symptoms, perceived burdensomeness, thwarted belongingness, alcohol-related problems, and intimate partner violence (victimization and perpetration), and suicide ideation, as measured by the Modified Scale for Suicide Ideation, in college students (n = 994). In addition, the overlap between being a victim and perpetrator of […]

Domestic abuse and older women: Exploring the opportunities for service development and care delivery.