A Cross-National Comparison of Youth Risk Behaviors in Latino Secondary School Students Living in El Salvador and the USA

The prevalence of health risk behaviours from 4 domains (aggression & victimization, depression & suicide ideation, substance use, & sexual behaviour) were compared between Salvadoran & American Latino secondary school students aged 14-17 years. A secondary analysis was performed on two 1999 cross-sectional survey data. The prevalence rates for aggression/victimatization & for depression & suicide […]

Healing Ourselves – Healing Each Other. Relevance and Accessibility of Mental Health Crisis Services: a Consultation With the Salvadorian Community in Edmonton

This study examines the situation of the Salvadorian community in Edmonton with respect to mental health concerns & access to mental health crisis services. The study is based on a 1996 survey of 81 Salvadorians living in Edmonton. Some of the findings of the report include: trauma pertaining to war & political persecution is a […]

A Model for Community-Based Immigrant Mental Health Care: Case Study in the Latin American Community in Edmonton, Alberta

An interactive model for community based mental health was developed out of an analysis of several initiatives undertaken by the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers & The Support Network with members of the Latino community of Edmonton. It describes the relationships,tensions & dynamics between the various players: different parts of the community including natural caregivers, community-based […]