Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2014. A Strategic Framework and Action Plan


People at Risk of Suicide Project: Identifying Activities and Opportunities in General Hospital Psychiatric Services. Report on Phases 1 and 2

This report is on the activities & outcomes from Phase I & II of the People at Risk of Suicide Project. Phase I presents highlights from a one-day conference, highlights from a literature review, presentation of a draft report, & implications for general hospital psychiatric services. Phase 2 discusses the development of a provincial fast […]

Making the Economic Case for the Promotion of Mental Well-Being and the Prevention of Mental Health Problems

This policy brief assesses what is known about the cost-effectiveness of mental health promotion & mental disorder prevention strategies in Europe & elsewhere. The economic costs associated with suicide & suicidal behaviours are also discussed. The extent to which the economic case for promotion & prevention is now an issue within countries, barriers to wider […]

Temporal Pattern of Suicide Risk in Young Individuals With Early Psychosis

This study examined the temporal pattern of suicide risk in patients with early psychosis & determined whether discrete periods of significantly elevated risk can be identified up to 24 months after commencing treatment. Suicidaliy ratings collected each month were retrieved for 696 patients treated between December 2002-December 2005. Time-series analysis was performed on suicide risk […]

Course and Predictors of Suicidality Over the First two Years of Treatment in First-Episode Schizophrenia Spectrum Psychosis

This study investigated the course of suicidal behaviour over the first 2 years of comprehensive, integrated treatment in 2 groups of patients with DSM-IV first episode schizophrenia spectrum psychosis, where 1 group was recruited through an early detection program. It has been shown previously that the rate of severe suicidal behaviour was lower in the […]

Police Suicide: Fatal Misunderstandings (In: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

This chapter reviews themes common in the suicides of uniformed law enforcement officers & special agent personnel. Cases reviewed repeatedly show injury to self-esteem & the loss of control. In every death studied, there were viable alternatives to suicide but the interventions were not perceived to be viable to the officer at risk. The focus […]