The burden of attempted hanging and drowning presenting to hospitals in Ireland between 2007 and 2019: A national registry‑based study

Purpose: To measure the impact of hospital-treated self-harm by hanging and drowning in Ireland in 2007-2019 and identify risk factors for these methods of self-harm. Method: Data on all self-harm presentations to Irish hospitals between 2007 and 2019 were obtained from the National Self-Harm Registry Ireland, a national self-harm surveillance system. Multinomial regression was used to explore […]

Firearms, hanging, and drowning suicides in the Republic of Ireland

Background: The firearms climate in Ireland is rapidly changing, and there is currently no research on the risk profiles of those dying through firearms suicides. Aims: To compare the sociodemographic profile of firearms suicide deaths with hanging and drowning suicides. Methods: Analyses are based on data for 9,674 suicides that occurred between 1980 and 2005 and provided by […]

Suicide and self-harm by drowning: A review of the literature.

Copy held in CSP Library.

Dementia: Suicide by Drowning

In these letters to the editor, the authors comment on a study, published in 2009, by Purandare & colleagues on suicide in dementia. Questions are raised about the study design. The reply of Purandare & colleagues follows.

Characteristic Features of Suicidal Drownings: a 20-Year Study

A retrospective study of cases of drowning suicide was conducted in Adelaide, South Australia for the period April 1980-March 2000. A total of 123 cases were found, with 76 males & 47 females. Female victims were significantly older than male victims. Deaths in young women were rare. No temporal trend could be shown. Alcohol use […]

The Role of Benzodiazepines in Elderly Suicides


Alcohol’s Role in the Deaths of BC Children and Youth

The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence & context of alcohol use in the deaths of children & youths reviewed by the BC Children’s Commission. The authors found that alcohol is most prevalent in the lives of 15-18 year olds & is present at the time of death in two fifths of […]

The Deserted Wife (IN: Sudden Endings, by M J Meaker)

Risk Factors of Violent Death in Rural Bangladesh, 1990-1999


Suicide by Drowning and the Extent of the Nation’s Coastline

The suicide rate by drowning & the percentage of suicides using drowning in 27 nations were compared with the extent of the nations’ coastlines. No association was found. (3 refs)

Child Deaths in NSW 1996-2002

This document presents key findings regarding the deaths of all children & young people from birth to 17 years from January 1996 to December 2002 in New South Wales. The suicide rate amongst this population was highest in 1997, with 6.5 per 100,000 people aged 12 to 17 years. Since 1996, there have been no […]

Misclassification of Suicide – the Contribution of Opiates

In this study, Queensland Suicide Register data were compared to the usual official source – the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Queensland Suicide Register deaths were coded as beyond reasonable doubt, probable, & possible. These categories were analysed by methods & demographic variables to determine the nature of difficult-to-classify suicides. Queensland Suicide Register suicides exceed the […]

Suicide in India

The epidemiology of suicide in India from 1975-1994 was explored, with data on suicide rates by gender, the methods used for suicide, & the officially recorded motives for suicide. In 1991, the Indian suicide rate was 9.2/100,000, with a male rate of 10.6 & a female rate of 7.9. The most common methods were poisoning […]

Severe Lipoid Pneumonia Following Attempted Suicide by Mineral oil Immersion

A 43-year-old male attempted suicide by drowning in a vat of mineral oil. He survived the usually fatal lipoid pneumonia resulting from total immersion after intensive support & prolonged steroid therapy. Recovery of chest radiography & pulmonary functions were noted at one year. (10 refs.)

Suicide’s Note (IN: On Suicide: Great Writers on the Ultimate Question, edited by J Miller)

Langston Hughes, a leading poet of the 1920s, was noted for his directness and simplicity. This 3-line poem is no exception.

Hamlet (IN: On Suicide: Great Writers on the Ultimate Question, edited by J Miller)

This excerpt from “Hamlet”, is taken from that part of the play just before and after Ophelia, Hamlet’s fiancee, commits suicide.

Suicide in Denmark, 1922-1991: the Choice of Method

The methods of suicide registered in Denmark during 1922-1991 are described. Initially the most common method was hanging, then it became poisoning, first with household gas, later with overdoses of medicine. In recent years there have been increasing numbers of hangings, drownings & other methods of suicide, & an increase in more violent methods. The […]

Covert Suicide Among Elderly Japanese Females: Questioning Unintentional Drownings

A hypothesis is generated that despite high reported rates, suicide among elderly Japanese females is substantially under estimated due to misclassisfication of drowning suicides as unintentional drownings. Data are adapted from 1979-81 by age, sex and cause specific mortality tabulations for: Japan, the United States, Australia, France, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Forensic Suicidology and the Psychological Autopsy (IN: Suicidology: Essays in Honor of Edwin S. Shneidman, edited by A A Leenaars)

This chapter looks at issues involved in having the psychological autopsy being brought into the courtroom. The authors review the union between suicidology and the law, which typically involves two types of cases, those of parens patrieae, and those of contested life insurance claims. With respect to the psychological autopsy the authors conclude, rather than […]

Suicidal Drowning

From 1987-91, 247 people committed suicide in Newfoundland. Of these, 22 committed suicide by drowning. In victims, age 50+ years, suicide by drowning represented 25% of all deaths. For females in this age group, drowning was the most common method of suicide (45.5%). The presence of alcohol or other drugs was decidely unusual in such […]

The Suicide Rate by Drowning and the Presence of Oceans

Reports a study which found that the presence of an ocean is associated with a greater suicide rate specifically by drowning, supporting the assertion that the availability of a lethal method may affect the use of that method for suicide.

Suicide by Drowning in Uusimaa Province in Southern Finland

This study examines 285 drownings from 1978-86 in the Uusimaa province of Finland. There were 51 definitive cases of suicide by drowning. Data is given on age, gender, alcohol & drugs, scene of the incident, diseases, social group, residence, suicide notes, previous suicide attempts, treatment for mental problems, depression, & talk of suicide. The typical […]

Translation of Chinese News Story on Suicide

This is a news item from People’s Daily, Mar. 3, 1988, about suicide in China. The commonest method, according to the article, is by drowning or “… jumping into the Huang Pu”, as it is referred to by the Chinese. A total of 242 attempted in 1987; 146 were successful. Contributing factors in 70% of […]