Youth suicide deaths: Investigation of clinical predictors in a statewide sample

Death by suicide is a significant cause of mortality among youth. However, there is limited information on the demographic and clinical factors associated with youth suicide deaths. The objective of this study was to link large statewide databases to describe demographic, clinical, and cause of death characteristics among youth who died by suicide. We examined […]

Men who Were Sexually Abused in Childhood and Subsequent Suicidal Ideation: Community Comparison, Explanations and Practice Implications

This study draws on a clinical sample of 147 Australian men who were sexually abused in childhood, of whom 39 also gave open-ended interviews, & comparisons are made with a community sample of 1,231 men. It was found the sexually abused men were up to 10 times more likely to report suicide ideation than the […]

Does Adversity Early in Life Affect General Population Suicide Rates? A Cross-National Study

The relationship between general population suicide rates & 4 proxy measures of adversity earlier in life was examined using data from the World Health Organization & the United Nations data banks. General population suicide rates were negatively correlated with the percentage of children under the age of 5 years who were underweight, the percentage of […]

Traumatic Life Events and Suicide Risk Among Jail Inmates: the Influence of Types of Events, Time Period and Significant Others

Relationships between traumatic life events & suicide risk were studied in 2 samples of jail inmates, 216 with low suicide risk & 51 with high suicide risk. Suicidal inmates reported a higher prevalence of traumatic life events, including more episodes of sexual abuse, physical maltreatment, emotional maltreatment, abandonment, & suicide attempts by significant others. They […]

The Role of Parental Bonding and Early Maladaptive Schemas in the Risk of Suicidal Behavior Repetition

Participants in this study completed measures of perceived parental bonding, schemas, risk of repeating suicidal behaviour, anxiety, & depression following their presentation at Accident & Emergency with suicidal behaviour. 60 suicidal behaviour subjects differed from 46 clinical & 48 non-clinical subjects on measures of early maladaptive schemas, anxiety, & depression. No significant difference was noted […]

Risk Factors and Pathways Leading to Suicide With Special Focus in Schizophrenia: The Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort Study

This study investigated risk factors, developmental pathways, & the rate of attempted or completed suicide in a longitudinal population-based prospective birth cohort in Finland. Data was collected prospectively for 10,934 individuals, born in 1966, & alive & resident in Finland at age 16. A total of 121 suicide attempts & 69 suicides had occurred by […]

Suicide and aboriginal youth: Cultural considerations in understanding positive youth development

The importance of positive youth development cannot be overstated. We strive to foster healthy mental/emotional, social, spiritual and physical development in our children. Alarmingly high Aboriginal youth suicide rates in some areas call for an increased understanding of how protective factors and risk-taking behaviours influence youth development. This may help us develop strategies to increase […]

History of Abuse and Current Suicidal Ideation: Results From a Population Based Survey

The relationship between a history of physical or sexual abuse & current suicide ideation was examined in a total sample of 4,081 adults in Washington state. 1,058 indicated they had experienced either physical or sexual abuse before the age of 18, 52 indicated they had experienced physical abuse in the past 12 months, & 210 […]

The Moderating Effects of Parenting Styles on African-American and Caucasian Children’s Suicidal Behaviors

The moderating effects of parenting styles on depressed & aggressive children’s suicidal behaviour, including ideation & attempts, were evaluated in 172 children, 6-12 years of age, admitted for acute psychiatric inpatient care. Hierarchical regression analyses revealed that, controlling for age & gender, children who endorsed more depressive symptoms or reactive aggression reported more current & […]

Childhood Adversities and Suicide Attempts: a Retrospective Study

This study assessed the association among various childhood adversities & suicide attempts. A total of 575 patients of a psychosomatic clinic & general practitioners were examined by use of a structured interview. 17 percent of the sample reported a past suicide attempt. In particular, sexual abuse & harsh physical punishment were associated with an increased […]

Childhood Sexual Abuse Predicts Poor Outcome Seven Years After Parasuicide

The predictive value of a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder was compared to the predictive value of a history of childhood sexual abuse in terms of outcome 7 years later in Swedish patients admitted for parasuicide. Univariate regression analysis showed higher odds ratios for borderline personality disorder, female gender, & childhood sexual abuse regarding prolonged […]

Interaction Between Childhood Trauma and Serotonin Transporter Gene Variation in Suicide

This study examined whether the 5-HTTLPR gene alone, or interacting with childhood trauma, was predictive of suicidal behaviour in substance-dependent patients. 306 abstinent male African-American substance-dependent patients were asked whether they had ever attempted suicide & administered the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire. The distribution of 5-HTTLPR genotypes did not differ between patients & a control group […]

Risk Factors for Attempting Suicide in Heroin Addicts

In order to examine risk factors for attempting suicide in heroin dependent patients, a group of 527 abstinent opiate dependent patients had a psychiatric interview & completed the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire. Patients who had or had never attempted suicide were compared on putative suicide risk factors. It was found that 207 of the 527 had […]

The Relationship Between Child Maltreatment, Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Suicide Attempts

This briefing evaluates the relationship between child abuse, particularly sexual, & other risk factors present during childhood, & subsequent suicide attempts. Incidence rates are also discussed. There is relatively little concrete evidence on childhood suicide & therefore much of the evidence presented in this report relates to suicide in later life. One of the key […]

Sex Differences in Developmental Trends of Suicide Ideation, Plans, and Attempts Among European American Adolescents

Longitudinal categorical data from the Family Transitions Project was used to investigate whether yearly prevalence rates of adolescent suicidal episodes follow different patterns by gender. The sample included 1,248 rural European Americans, ages 11-19. Multiple-group growth models revealed that peak levels of past-year ideation & plans occurred during mid-adolescence for girls, but slowly increased through […]

Suicidal Behavior in Children and Adolescents

This book has 8 chapters, including: Introduction; Nature & Scope of the Problem; Theoretical & Developmental Perspectives; Social Relationships; Stress, Coping, & Emotion Regulation; Psychopathology; Assessment & Treatment; & Prevention. The current state of knowledge about suicidal behaviours in children & adolescents is presented, the trends of the past ten years are addressed, & available […]

Identifying the Pathways to Suicide in Child Sexual Abuse Victims

In this editorial, the author briefly reviews an article by Cutajar et al (2010) on the relationship of childhood sexual abuse & suicide. It is concluded that much more work is needed to understand the issues involved in the pathways leading to suicide in child sexual abuse victims & that preventing child sexual abuse requires […]

Suicide and Fatal Drug Overdose in Child Sexual Abuse Victims: a Historical Cohort Study

The rate & risk of suicide & accidental fatal drug overdose in individuals who had been medically ascertained as having been sexually abused during childhood was determined. Forensic medical records of 2759 victims who were assessed between 1964-1995 were obtained & linked with coronial data representing a follow-up period of up to 44 years. 21 […]

Family Therapy With Suicidal Adolescents

The opening chapter of this book explores why suicide is such a Pandora’s box for therapists. The second chapter examines the scope of adolescent suicide & explores an integrated model of how suicidal etiology develops. Chapter 3 describes the nature of adolescent suicide. Chapter 4 discusses factors that create suicide ideation & actions. Chapter 5 […]

Planning and Emotional Health of Abused Adult Children Caregivers

This study explored markers associated with the advance-planning patterns & emotional health of adult child caregivers pre-selected for their history of childhood abuse within the family. An informational decision grid & two classification procedures were used to organize & link 246 written plans of 50 adults providing nearly 6 hours of care per day to […]

The Construction of Meaning Following Parental Suicide: Grief of Children Following Parental Suicide

10 adults shared their story of losing a parent to suicide when they were children or young adults. This study examined their histories of growing & maturing in their particular family. Of particular interest was the meaning they made of their journey & how this may have changed over time. Evidence of resilience was sought […]

Childhood Gender Nonconformity and Harassment as Predictors of Suicidality Among gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Austrians

The role of childhood gender role nonconformity & childhood harassment in explaining suicidality was examined in a sample of 142 lesbian, gay, & bisexual adults & 148 heterosexual adults in Austria. Current & previous suicidality, childhood gender role nonconformity, & childhood harassment were significantly greater in lesbian, gay, & bisexual participants compared to heterosexual participants. […]

Preventing Adolescent Suicide: an Introduction

This presentation provided an introduction to the topic of adolescent suicide. The causes of adolescent suicide were discussed, including family dysfunction & environmental pressures. The author asserts that knowledge about suicide is the most effective prevention tool & so reviews myths about suicide & the profile of a suicidal or potentially suicidal youth. The presentation […]