Exploration of related factors of suicide ideation in hospitalized older adults

Background With the rapid aging of the population structure, and the suicide ideation rate also increasing year by year, the ratio of people over 65 to the total number of deaths is increasing yearly. The study provides a reference for researchers interested in older adults’ care to explore SI further affecting older adults in the […]

Physical health problems as a suicide precipitant: Associations with other risk factors and suicide methods in three age groups of older decedents

Background and Objectives: Physical health problems are a significant late-life suicide precipitant. This study’s purpose was to examine differences in (i) other suicide precipitants and psychiatric/substance use problems, and (ii) suicide methods (firearms, hanging/suffocation, and poisoning) in 3 age groups (55–64, 65–74, and 75+) of older suicide decedents who had physical health problems as a […]

Wishes to die in older people: A quantitative study of prevalence and associated factors

Background: Death thoughts and wishes occur frequently among older people. In different European countries estimates of 10%-20% have been found. Aims: To determine the prevalence and associated factors of death thoughts and wishes among older people in The Netherlands. Methods: In The Netherlands 1794 people (58-98 years) were interviewed in 2005/2006 (Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam). Results: 81.3% reported never […]

The role of perceived and objective social connectedness on risk for suicidal thoughts and behavior in late-life and their moderating effect on cognitive deficits

Objective Impaired cognition increases suicide risk while social connectedness protects against suicide risk in late life. We examined the independent and interactive effects of social connectedness and cognition on suicide risk in late life. Methods Participants included 570 individuals aged 50+ from a late-life suicide study. The Interpersonal Support Evaluation List and Social Network Index […]