Workplace bullying and risk of suicide and suicide attempts: A register-based prospective cohort study of 98 330 participants in Denmark

Objectives: The aim of this study was to analyze whether individuals reporting exposure to workplace bullying had a higher risk of suicidal behavior, including both suicide attempt and death by suicide, than those not reporting such exposure. Methods: Using a prospective cohort study design, we linked data from nine Danish questionnaire-based surveys (2004–2014) to national[…]

Suicide rates in Nordic prisons 2000-2016

To compare suicide rates of people in prison and the general population in the Nordic countries.
Data on deaths by suicide and person-years for people in prison and the general population were obtained for the Nordic countries during 2000–2016. Age-standardized rate ratios were calculated.
The suicide rate[…]

New hypotheses regarding the Danish health puzzle

Aims: Nordic welfare states have achieved admirable population health profiles as a result of public policies that provide economic and social security across the life course. Denmark has been an exception to this rule, as its life expectancies and infant mortality rates since the mid-1970s have lagged behind the other Nordic nations and, in the case[…]

The tragedy of becoming tired of living: Youth and young adults’ suicide in Greenland and Denmark.

Suicide is a tremendous public health issue and worldwide the second leading cause of death among young people. In 2015, Greenland had the highest burden of disease due to self-harm with loss of 2,952.97 disability-adjusted life years per 100,000 inhabitants, more than six times as many as Denmark. AIMS:
What are possible[…]

Incidence rates of deliberate self-harm in Denmark 1994-2011: A nationwide register study.

The validity and reliability of suicide statistics have been questioned and few nationwide studies of deliberate self-harm have been presented. Aim: To calculate rates of deliberate self-harm in Denmark in order to investigate trends and assess the reliability of hospital records. Method: A register study based on all individuals recorded with an episode of deliberate[…]

Excess mortality, causes of death and life expectancy in 270,770 patients with recent onset of mental disorders in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

To investigate the excess mortality in different diagnostic categories due to suicide and other external causes of death, and due to specific causes in connection with diseases and medical conditions. The life expectancy was generally approximately 15 years shorter for women and 20 years shorter for men, compared to the general population.

Young people’s risk of suicide attempts after contact with a psychiatric department – a nested case-control design using Danish register data.


Childhood suicide attempts with acetaminophen in Denmark: characteristics, social behaviour, trends and risk factors.


Assessing and treating different suicidal states in a Danish outpatient sample.

Journal is held in the CSP Library.

Effect of assertive outreach after suicide attempt in theAID(assertive intervention for deliberate self harm) trial: randomised controlled trial.