Depression, delinquency, and suicidal behaviors among college students

Background: Liu (2004) investigated the interaction between delinquency and depression among adolescents and found that delinquency moderated the relationship between depression and suicidal behaviors. Aims: This study also explored the relationship between depression, delinquency, and suicidal behaviors, although delinquency was expected to mediate, as opposed to moderate, the relationship between depression and suicidal behaviors. Method: The participants comprised […]

Characteristics and precipitating circumstances of suicide among incarcerated youth

Objective Studies show incarcerated youth are at increased risk for suicidal behavior, yet little is known about factors associated with suicide for this population. Using a nationally representative sample, this study examined characteristics and precipitating circumstances of suicide in incarcerated youth decedents compared with youth suicide decedents in the general population. Method Data were analyzed […]

Association of cumulative childhood adversity and adolescent violent offending with suicide in early adulthood.

Objective  To examine whether adolescent violent offending mediates the association between CA and suicide in early adulthood. Design, Setting, and Participants  This population-based, longitudinal cohort study with a follow-up time spanning 5 to 9 years included 476 103 individuals born in Sweden between 1984 and 1988. The study population was prospectively followed up from 20 years of age […]

Considering personal religiosity in adolescent delinquency: The role of depression, suicidal ideation, and church guideline.


Juvenile delinquency, social background and suicide: A Swedish national cohort study of 992,881 young adults.

This study supports the hypothesis that individuals with delinquent behaviour in late adolescence have an increased risk of suicide as young adults. Regardless of causality issues, repeated juvenile offenders should be regarded by professionals in health, social and correctional services who come into contact with this group as a high-risk group for suicide. Contact us […]

A statewide collaboration to initiate mental health screening and assess services for detained youths in Indiana.

We describe a statewide effort to implement detention-based mental health screening and assess follow-up services offered to detained youths in Indiana. Contact us for a copy of this article, or view online at

Psychometric properties of a suicide screen for adjudicated youth in residential care.

There is a need to efficiently and effectively screen adjudicated youth residing within the juvenile justice system for suicide proneness. Accordingly, in the current study, the psychometric properties of the Life Attitude Schedule: Short Form (LAS:S), a 24-item risk assessment for suicide proneness, were assessed using data from adjudicated youth residing in an alternative sentencing […]

Factors related to recidivism for youthful offenders.

Little is known about youth who were previously placed in a detention facility and what factors predict a subsequent recidivism to placement. This study of a two-county juvenile offender population (one urban and one rural) investigates what demographic, educational, mental health, substance dependence, and court-related variables predict recidivism to detention placement. Findings from logistic regression […]

Need to know: a fact sheet series on juvenile suicide. Juvenile court judges and staff.

Prepared by the Youth in Contact With the Juvenile Justice System Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

Parental Suicidality as a Risk Factor for Delinquency Among Hispanic Youth

This study used data from a longitudinal study of 2,491 Hispanic youth ages 5-13, socialized in 2 different cultural contexts, Bronx, New York, & San Juan, Puerto Rico, to examine the relationship between parental suicidality & offspring delinquency. Results indicate that while traditional risk/protective factors & parental mental health issues relate to delinquency in expected […]

‘Bad’ Boys and ‘Sad’ Girls? Examining Internalizing and Externalizing Effects on Parasuicides Among Youth

A series of logistic regression models were developed incorporating various internalizing & externalizing risk factors experienced by young people with the goal of predicting parasuicides among Canadian youth. Data were used from the National Longitudinal Study of Child and Youth – Waves 3 through 6 for a total sample of 2,499 15-year-olds. Results showed both […]

A Model of Sexual Abuse’s Effects on Suicidal Behavior and Delinquency: the Role of Emotions as Mediating Factors

Drawing on Agnew’s general strain theory, the authors examined whether depressed mood & anger mediated the effects of sexual abuse on suicidal behaviour & delinquency. Participants included 9,113 students attending high school in Iceland. Structural equation modelling showed that, while controlling for family structure & parental education, being exposed to strain in the form of […]

Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts Among Korean Adolescents

File copy includes an erratum published in December issue.

An Empirical Typology of Youth With Severe Emotional Disturbances

Cluster analysis was used to identify groups of children & adolescents with severe emotional disturbances on the basis of 8 child risk factor questions gathered at intake. The sample of 171 youth was divided into 5 clusters: physically abused, suicide attempt risk, delinquent risk, low risk, & sexually abused. Differences were noted among clusters on […]

Suicide Attempts Among Depressed Adolescents in Primary Care

Suicide attempts among 451 depressed primary care patients, 13-21 years of age, were examined. In bivariate analysis, youth classified as suicide attempters showed elevated levels of psychopatholgy, specifically depressive symptoms, externalizing behaviours, anxiety, substance use, mania, & posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms. Externalizing behaviours & depression severity uniquely contributed to the prediction of suicide attempts in […]

Externalizing Problems, Internalizing Problems, and Suicidal Ideation in Singaporean Adolescents: sex Differences

This study explores the relationships among 4 factors of maladjustment (emotional distress, negative self, antisocial behaviour, & anger control problems) & suicide ideation in 271 Singaporean adolescents. Findings indicate emotional distress, negative self-concept, & antisocial behaviour signficantly predicted suicide ideation for the whole sample. Beta weight is largest for emotional distress, followed by negative self, […]

Assessing the Effects of Peer Suicide on Youth Suicide

Using data from all waves of the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health, the short-term & long-term impact of an adolescent friend’s suicide on an adolescent’s depression & suicidality were investigated. Results suggest that a friend’s suicide is associated with heightened suicide thoughts & attempts & greater depression during the first year after loss. Six […]

Problem Music and Self-Harming

Problem music in this study included hard rock, hip hop/rap, & punk.

Prevalence and Psychological Correlates of Occasional and Repetitive Deliberate Self-Harm in Adolescents

OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence and the associated psychological and social factors of occasional and repetitive deliberate self-harming behavior in adolescents. DESIGN: Cross-sectional self-report survey. SETTING: One hundred twenty-one schools in Germany. PARTICIPANTS: A representative sample of 5759 ninth-grade students was studied between 2004 and 2005. OUTCOME MEASURES: Deliberate self-harm (DSH) and suicidal behaviors, emotional […]

The Prevalence and Comorbidity Between Delinquency, Drug Abuse, Suicide Attempts, Physical and Sexual Abuse, and Self-Mutilation Among Delinquent Hispanic Females


Utah Youth Suicide Study, Phase 1: Government Agency Contact Before Death


In Thought, Word, and Deed: Suicidal Behaviors of Adjudicated Youth

Associations Between Delinquency and Suicidal Behaviors in a Nationally Representative Sample of Adolescents