Wishes to die in older people: A quantitative study of prevalence and associated factors

Background: Death thoughts and wishes occur frequently among older people. In different European countries estimates of 10%-20% have been found. Aims: To determine the prevalence and associated factors of death thoughts and wishes among older people in The Netherlands. Methods: In The Netherlands 1794 people (58-98 years) were interviewed in 2005/2006 (Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam). Results: 81.3% reported never […]

Understanding why older people develop a wish to die: A qualitative interview study

Background: Quantitative studies in several European countries showed that 10-20% of older people have or have had a wish to die. Aims: To improve our understanding of why some older people develop a wish to die. Methods: In-depth interviews with people with a wish to die (n = 31) were carried out. Through open coding and inductive analysis, […]