Early adolescence and suicidal ideations in Croatia: Sociodemographic, behavioral, and psychometric correlates

Background/aims:¬†Suicidal ideations (SI) indicate and predict psychological distress. We examined the prevalence of SI among early adolescents and its association with parental war participation, personal, behavioral, and sociodemographic characteristics. Methods:¬†We performed a cross-sectional questionnaire study on 803 12-year-old adolescents. Data were collected using a sociodemographic questionnaire, the Junior Eysenck Personality Questionnaire and Children Depression Inventory. […]

Serotonin and Cortisol as Suicidogenic Factors in Patients With PTSD

This study examined the statistical relation between platelet serotonin concentration & serum cortisol concentration in a group of patients with posttraumatic stress disorder, with & without attempted suicide, treated in hospital in Zagreb. Results showed significantly lower platelet serotonin concentration in the patients, with & without suicidal behaviour, as compared to healthy controls. There were […]

Intronic Polymorphism of Tryptophan Hydroxylase and Serotonin Transporter: Indication for Combined Effect in Predisposition to Suicide

Owing to the assumed functionality of intronic polymorphisms of tryptophan hydroxylase (218AC) and 5-hydroxytryptamine transporter (VNTR-2) genes, the authors investigated frequencies of occurrence of the tryptophan hydroxylase & 5-hydroxytryptamine transporter genotypes containing lower activity alleles in 192 suicide victims & 377 controls. Significant differences in frequences of these genotype combinations were found between suicide victims […]

Suicide Rate After the 1991-1995 war in Southwestern Croatia


Suicidal Behavior and Suicide Among Children and Adolescents – Risk Factors and Epidemiological Characteristics

In the last decade, suicide attempts & suicides have increased greatly among Croatian youth. Suicide is one of the leading causes of mortality in this age group. Risk factors which influence suicide & suicidal behaviour include genetics, family dynamics, & the external environment including school, friends & peers, social environment, & social media. It is […]

Brainstem Raphe Lesion in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder and in Patients With Suicidal Ideation Recorded on Transcranial Sonography

This study assessed the usefulness of transcranial sonography recording in a group of 17 patients with major depressive disorder & 14 patients with major depressive disorder who also reported suicide ideation. 40 healthy controls were included in the study. Reduced raphe echogenicity was found in 8 of 17 patients with major depressive disorder but only […]

5HT-2C Receptor Polymorphism in Suicide Victims: Association Studies in German and Slavic Populations

This study tested the association of the polymorphism in the serotonin 2C (5HT-2C) receptor coding region (Cys23Ser) with deaths by suicide. The study was based on 2 independent samples, one German (284 suicide victims versus 297 controls) & the other of Slavic/Croatian ethnicity (118 suicide victims versus 275 controls). No significant differences in allele or […]

Characteristics of Patients who Committed Suicide During Hospitalization in Psychiatric Hospital “Vrapce” in the Period 1996-2006

This study examined the characteristics of 25 psychiatric inpatients who died by suicide in the Vrapce Psychiatric Hospital (Croatia) during the period 1996-2006. A typical profile was a middle-aged person, single, unemployed, repeatedly hospitalized, with schizophrenia, a history of suicide attempts, using a violent method after more than three weeks of hospital treatment. It is […]

The Methods of Committing and Alcohol Intoxication of Suicides in Southwestern Croatia From 1996 to 2005

The hypothesis that the level of alcohol intoxication & the choice of method are related was tested. Suicides in southwestern Croatia during the period 1996-2005 were analyzed. 10 methods of suicide were studied. The highest blood alcohol levels at the time of suicide were those that involved the use of an explosive device, a method […]

Aggressive Behavior in Combat Veterans With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Violent behaviour in 116 Croatian combat veterans was analyzed. Of these veterans, 79 had diagnosed posttraumatic stress disorder. Of 15 veterans displaying autoaggression, 3 engaged in self-mutilation, 7 (5 with posttraumatic stress disorder & 2 without) had suicide ideation, & 5 (all with posttraumatic stress disorder) attempted suicide. Of the 7 veterans with suicide ideation, […]

Epidemiological Study of Suicide in Croatia (1993-2003) – Comparison of Mediterranean and Continental Areas


Depression and Suicidality in the Adolescents in Osijek, Croatia


War, Mental Disorder and Suicide


Epidemiological Features of Suicides in Osijek County, Croatia, From 1986 to 2000


Suicide Epidemiology Before and During the war in Croatia

The authors investigated the incidence of suicide & its distribution according to age, sex & method in the Zagreb area before & during the war in Croatia, based on an analysis of autopsy records at the Department of Forensic Medicine & Crimology on suicides committed during the five-year peace period (1986-1990), & the five-year war […]

Influence of war on Frequency and Patterns of Homicides and Suicides in South Croatia (1991-1993)

The authors hypothesized that war circumstances would both increase the number & alter the pattern of violent deaths (homicides & suicides) in South Croatia. Demographic, temporal & circumstantial data, including location, weapon used, & possible motives, were analyzed based on autopsy & police reports from 77 homicides & 254 suicides. There were found to be […]

Scuba Diver With a Knife in his Chest: Homicide or Suicide?

This article reports the case of a scuba diver found dead at the bottom of an undersea cave with a knife protruding from his chest. Autopsy confirmed death due to both drowning & a penetrating knife wound. The incident was first considered a homicide, but careful forensic analysis of the profile of the diver’s last […]

Suicide in Croatia and in the Croatian Immigrant Groups in Australia and Slovenia

This study compared suicide rates in Australia, Slovenia, & Croatia with suicide rates in Croatian immigrant groups in Australia & Slovenia in a 10-year period between 1985 & 1994. It was found that Croat immigrants to Australia have the lowest suicide rate, but the highest male-female suicide ratio, which the authors suggest may be the […]

Croatia: Feasibility Study 2nd-5th November 1996

This article discusses the widespread stress, depression, & trauma in Croatia & the resulting high suicide rate. The author identifies high risk groups & discusses the lack of response to the probelm by the government. A number of non-government agencies such as Psychological Help in Zagreb work hard to address the issue, despite the lack […]