Systematic review of arts-based interventions to address suicide prevention and survivorship in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America

Study Objective. Suicide is a serious health problem that is shaped by a variety of social and mental health factors. A growing body of research connects the arts to positive health outcomes; however, no previous systematic reviews have examined the use of the arts in suicide prevention and survivorship. This review examined how the arts […]

The relationship of hypomania, creativity, and suicidal ideation in undergraduates.

Elevations in hypomanic symptoms have been linked to high levels of creativity, and clinicians assess hypomania as one means of identifying individuals most at risk for attempting suicide among individuals diagnosed with depression. However, potential relationships between hypomania, creativity (i.e., divergent thinking and creative achievement), and suicidal ideation in college students are seldom investigated. Participants […]