Raising capacity to address mental health concerns in Costa Rica

Background A family medicine team based out of Mayo Clinic, Rochester assembled in 2019 to provide home visits and direct care to underserved populations of patients in La Cruz, Costa Rica.┬áIn addition to the provision of direct patient care, our team was interested in conducting a community needs-based assessment to identify an area for provider […]

Pesticide Poisoning in Costa Rica During 1996

A retrospective study at the Poison Control Center of Costa Rica describes the pattern of pesticide poisoning that occurred during 1996. A total of 1274 exposures were reported. There were 284 suicide attempts, 193 by males & 91 by females. Education of the users of pesticides & the community in general is essential to creating […]

Suicide and Homicide in Costa Rica

Suicide & homicide rates are lower in Costa Rica than in the United States. Firearms are used less often for suicide & for murder in Costa Rica than in the United States; hanging is more common as a method for suicide in Costa Rica & cutting/piercing more common as a method for murder. Suicide rates […]