Escalating costs of self-injury mortality in the 21st century United States: An interstate observational study

Background Estimating the economic costs of self-injury mortality (SIM) can inform health planning and clinical and public health interventions, serve as a basis for their evaluation, and provide the foundation for broadly disseminating evidence-based policies and practices. SIM is operationalized as a composite of all registered suicides at any age, and 80% of drug overdose […]

The economic cost of suicide: A review of citations to “recalculating the economic cost of suicide”

An analysis of 91 citations for an article by Yang and Lester (2007), which argued that suicides result in savings to the society, showed that only 9 reported Yang and Lester’s thesis correctly, and only one article conducted a serious discussion of the issues raised by Yang and Lester.

Financial costs to the U.S. Army for suicides by newly enlisted soldiers

Objective To estimate the financial burden to the U.S. Army of suicide by enlisted Soldiers during their first year of service. Methods This analysis included new Army enlisted Soldiers who started initial entry training from October 2012 through September 2016 and subsequently died by suicide within their first year of service. Outpatient and inpatient direct […]

Calculation of costs related to death by suicide in Finland

There are relatively few calculations of the costs related to suicides. The aim was to produce a monetary estimate of the costs incurred as a result of suicides. The costs were divided into three categories: (1) loss of  labor input, (2) costs directly following a suicide, and (3) costs associated with family members. In our […]

Economic cost of injury — United States, 2019

Unintentional and violence-related injuries, including suicide, homicide, overdoses, motor vehicle crashes, and falls, were among the top 10 causes of death for all age groups in the United States and caused nearly 27 million nonfatal emergency department (ED) visits in 2019

Cost of injuries in Alberta, 2017

Injuries are the leading cause of death for Albertans one to 44 years of age and claim the lives of more children than all other causes. The costs of injuries to children, seniors, families, our health care system and to society is staggering. The Injury Prevention Centre is pleased to publish Economic Cost of Injuries […]

Epidemiological study and cost analysis of suicide in Spain: Over 100 years of evolution

Objective: Society has changed during the last 100 years of evolution; however, some problems, such as suicide, remain. The objective here is to carry out a long-term epidemiological study in Spain, and to calculate the social and labor costs of 2016. Method: Epidemiological data were obtained from official data obtained between 1906 – 2016. The […]

Implementing suicide prevention programs: Costs and potential life years saved in Canada

Background: Little is known about the costs and effects of suicide prevention programs at the population level. Aims of the study: We aimed to determine (i) the costs associated with a suicide death and using prospective values (ii) the costs and effects of transferring, into a Canadian context, the results of the European Nuremberg Alliance against Depression […]

Cost of attempted suicide: A retrospective study of extent and associated factors

QUESTIONS UNDER STUDY: Suicidal behaviour is a major source of burden of disease. While most studies focus on cost associated with completed suicides, data on costs of, non-lethal, suicide attempts are lacking. The aim of this study was to assess direct annual cost of suicide attempts in Basel in 2003 from a health services perspective. […]

Suicide and suicidal attempts in the United States: Costs and policy implications.

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The impact of a suicide prevention strategy on reducing the economic cost of suicide in the New South Wales construction industry.

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Cost-effectiveness analyses of self-harm strategies at reducing the mortality of pesticide self-poisonings in Sri Lanka: A study protocol.

An estimated 803 900 people worldwide died as a result of self-harm in 2012. The deliberate ingestion of pesticides has been identified as the method most frequently used to commit fatal self-harm globally. In Sri Lanka, it is estimated that up to 60% of all suicides are committed using this method. The aim of the present […]

Predicting addiction potential on early traumatic events, dissociative experiences and suicide ideation.

There is a great deal of medical literature suggesting that substance use disorder is a serious clinical concern, affecting general population and associated with considerable economic,societal and personal costs.



Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2014. A Summary and Government Response

This document provides a summary of the Tasmanian suicide prevention strategy, 2010-2014. It is a guiding document which gives an overview of the budget & policy directions for suicide prevention for 2010-2011. Progress against priorities will be detailed in an annual report. 5 key action area are briefly outlined: governance & leadership, primary prevention, secondary […]

Making the Economic Case for the Promotion of Mental Well-Being and the Prevention of Mental Health Problems

This policy brief assesses what is known about the cost-effectiveness of mental health promotion & mental disorder prevention strategies in Europe & elsewhere. The economic costs associated with suicide & suicidal behaviours are also discussed. The extent to which the economic case for promotion & prevention is now an issue within countries, barriers to wider […]

The Economic Burden of Suicide in the United States in the Year 2000

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Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Australia: Breaking the Silence

This report was prepared to highlight the state of suicide & suicide prevention in Australia with a view to developing a more effective national response. Discussion includes: introduction to suicide, attempted suicide, & self-inflicted harm; prevalence & consequences of suicide; personal experiences of services, stories of hope & survival; why people suicide & self-harm; what […]

The Economic Burden of Injury in Canada

Text is available in English & French.

Service Implications of Providing Intensive Monitoring During High-Risk Periods for Suicide Among VA Patients With Depression

This study assessed the frequency of high-risk periods in clinical settings, the levels of monitoring provided during these periods, & the estimated costs of providing monitoring consistent with the most stringent recommendations for treatment periods after antidepressant change. Over the study period (1999-2004), Veterans Affairs’ patients averaged less than one high-risk period each year. The […]

Guns: Dangerous, Especially for Suicide, and Costly for America

This letter to the editor discusses the social & financial costs associated with gun violence in America. (5 refs.)

The Hidden Toll: Suicide in Australia

This document from the Australian Senate reports on their inquiry into suicide in Australia. Chapters include an introduction with the terms of reference, the costs of suicide, suicide reporting & statistics, suicide prevention roles & training, public awareness campaigns, targeted programs & universal interventions, suicide research, & the national suicide prevention strategy. Appendices include a […]

Investigating the Economic Cost of Suicide and Self Harm

This paper examines the economic cost of suicide & self-harm in Ireland, attempting to answer the following questions: why is this an important & current topic? do suicide & self-harm belong together? what components/costs can be measured? what additional factors need to be taken into account when examining suicide from this perspective? (37 refs.)