Development of the self-injury risk assessment protocol for corrections (SIRAP-C)

Objective: We developed the Self-Injury Risk Assessment Protocol for Corrections (SIRAP-C) to meet legal mandates for self-directed violence (SDV) risk assessment standards in correctional settings. We focused on two empirical aims: (1) factor structure and internal consistency and (2) subscale associations with SDV and intervention recommendation outcomes. Hypotheses: We expected a multifactorial SIRAP-C structure with acceptable internal […]

Proximal risk for suicide in correctional settings: A call for priority research

Suicide is the leading cause of death among jail detainees and the third leading cause of death among state prison inmates. These populations have been recognized as a high-risk group deserving special clinical attention. The literature on deaths by suicide in correctional settings has identified numerous risk factors for eventual death, but few of these […]