Understanding the context of suicides by older men compared with younger old men and women: An exploration of coronial data in Victoria, Australia

Background: The rate of suicide among men aged 85 years or older is the highest of any age or gender group in many countries, but little is known about their pathways to suicide. Aims: This study aimed to determine the context of suicide by men aged 85 years or older. Method: Data were extracted from the Victorian Suicide Register regarding […]

Suicide by young Australians, 2006-2015: A cross-sectional analysis of national coronial data

Objective: To assess the demographic, social, and clinical characteristics of young Australians who die by suicide. Design: Retrospective analysis of National Coronial Information System (NCIS) data. Setting, participants: People aged 10–24 years who died by suicide in Australia during 2006–2015. Main outcome measures: Demographic, social, and clinical characteristics of young people who died by suicide; circumstances of death recorded […]

Substances used in completed suicide by overdose in Toronto: An observational study of coroner’s data

OBJECTIVE: To identify the substances used by people who die from suicide by overdose in Toronto and to determine the correlates of specific categories of substances used. METHOD: Coroner’s records for all cases of suicide by overdose in Toronto, Ontario, during a 10-year period (1998 to 2007) were examined. Data collected included demographic data, all […]

Postmortem computed tomography findings in suicide victims.

Suicide is the eighth cause of mortality in France and the leading cause in people aged between 25 and 34 years. The most common methods of suicide are hanging, self-poisoning with medicines and firearms. Postmortem computed tomography (CT) is a useful adjunct to autopsy to confirm suicide and exclude other causes of death. At autopsy, […]

Suicide whilst under GMC’s fitness to practise investigation: Were those deaths preventable?

Medical doctors have a high rate of suicide. Professional regulatory investigation is a risk-factor for suicide. Coroners should identify deaths and report them to prevent further deaths. The General Medical Council has a demonstrable duty of care towards doctors. Modification of existing operational practices is needed.

The role of medicolegal systems in producing geographic variation in suicide rates.