Pinning despair and distress: Suicide-related content on visual social media platform Pinterest

Background: The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that an individual dies by suicide every 40 s. Aim: Our aim was to analyze how suicide is portrayed on the visual social media platform Pinterest. Method: This study used a quantitative content analysis of 500 suicide-related Pinterest posts. Content codes included the presence of factors related to the WHO media reporting guidelines. Results: The majority […]

Searching online for methods of suicide: A content analysis of Danish and English-language websites describing methods of suicide

Background: Information on methods of suicide is available online, and access to information on methods of suicide appears to contribute to a small but significant proportion of suicides. There is limited documentation of how methods of suicide are being profiled, as well as what content exists in other languages than English. Aim: We aimed to analyze and compare […]

Googling for suicide-content and quality analysis of suicide-related website: Thematic analysis

Background: Suicide represents a public health concern, imposing a dramatic burden. Prosuicide websites are “virtual pathways” facilitating a rise in suicidal behaviors, especially among socially isolated, susceptible individuals. Objective: The aim of this study is to characterize suicide-related webpages in the Italian language. Methods: The first 5 most commonly used search engines in Italy (ie, […]

Assessing suicide reporting in top newspaper social media accounts in China: Content analysis study

Background: Previous studies have shown that suicide reporting in mainstream media has a significant impact on suicidal behaviors (eg, irresponsible suicide reporting can trigger imitative suicide). Traditional mainstream media are increasingly using social media platforms to disseminate information on public-related topics, including health. However, there is little empirical research on how mainstream media portrays suicide […]

Typology and impact of YouTube videos posted in response to a student suicide crisis: Social media metrics and content analyses

Background: Videos relating to suicide are available on YouTube, but their characteristics and impacts have seldom been examined. Objective: This study aimed to examine YouTube videos posted in response to a sudden spate of student suicides in Hong Kong during the 2015-2016 school year and evaluate the impacts of those videos. Methods: Keyword search was […]