Community psychology perspectives on social capital theory and community development practice

Concepts and research from community psychology can inform community development practice by reframing social capital theory. Social capital (SC) is generally defined and measured at the interpersonal, community, institutional, or societal levels in terms of networks (bridging) and norms of reciprocity and trust (bonding) within those networks. SC should be analyzed in a multi-level ecological […]

It’s our time: Engaging the community.

Engaging the Community offers ideas for how communities can mobilize themselves to address important issues like supporting young people in their quest to achieve their potential.

A community’s response to suicide through public art: Stakeholder perspectives from the Finding the Light Within project.


A systematic review of suicide prevention interventions targeting indigenous peoples in Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand.


“Let me count the ways:” Fostering reasons for living among low-income, suicidal African American women.

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Refreshing the National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland: Report of the National Suicide Prevention Working Group

This document outlines the history of the national suicide prevention strategy in Scotland. A new set of objectives to inform the work for the remaining 2-2.5 years of the strategy is set out & includes: identifying & intervening to reduce suicidal behaviour in high-risk groups; developing & implementing a coordinated approach to reduce suicidal behaviour; […]

Hamilton Suicide Prevention Strategy First Edition

The purpose of this strategy is to guide the development of an integrated, coordinated, comprehensive suicide prevention approach in the Hamilton community. The objectives are: to increase community commitment to participate in the strategy; to increase awareness in every part of the community that suicide is a significant health problem & that it is preventable […]

A Framework for the Development of a Suicide Prevention Strategy

The purpose of this document is provide recommendations or strategies aimed at the prevention of suicide in London-Middlesex. 5 key recommendations include: improve intervention & treatment for those at risk of suicide; improve interventions & support for those affected by suicide; increase efforts to reduce access to lethal means of suicide; increase research activities; & […]

Prevention of self-immolation by community-based intervention


Mamow Ki-ken-da-ma-win: a Partnership Approach to Child, Youth, Family and Community Wellbeing

Mamow-Sha-way-gi-kay-win: North-South Partnership for Children represents a coalition of individuals & organizations from southern Ontario who have partnered with First Nations communities in 30 remote northern locations. This paper draws on the experiences of the Partnership in the development of a unique approach to improving life conditions of northern First Nations peoples in Ontario. A […]

Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2014. A Summary and Government Response

This document provides a summary of the Tasmanian suicide prevention strategy, 2010-2014. It is a guiding document which gives an overview of the budget & policy directions for suicide prevention for 2010-2011. Progress against priorities will be detailed in an annual report. 5 key action area are briefly outlined: governance & leadership, primary prevention, secondary […]

Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2014. A Strategic Framework and Action Plan


Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy

The Government of Nunavut, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., the Embrace Life Council, & the Royal Canadian Mounted Police formed a partnership to develop a suicide prevention strategy for Nunavut. The strategy begins with the Partner’s vision for a healthier Nunavut. It then examines the current situation, & the historical & present-day factors that underlie & perpetuate […]

Life Force Project: Final Evaluation Report

The report presents the evaluation findings of the Life Force Project. The aim of the project was to explore the issues for community groups in addressing suicide, parasuicide, & suicidal behaviour among their clients & the wider community. A drama approach was rooted in community development principles & designed to develop life enhancing skills. The […]

To Live to see the Great Day That Dawns: Preventing Suicide by American Indian and Alaska Native Youth and Young Adults DHHS Publication SMA (10)-4480, CMHS-NSPL-0196

The purpose of this guide is to support American Indian/Alaska Native communities & those who serve them in developing effective, culturally appropriate suicide prevention plans. The guide: 1) explores some of the cultural issues around prevention; 2) describes approaches that respectfully address these issues as part of prevention planning; & 3) provides practical tools & […]

Giving People Help and Hope: Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan

This report outlines the strategic plan for the prevention of suicide in Santa Clara County, California. It opens with a review of the impact of suicide in Santa Clara County, what the Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee did, & what the Committee learned. The next part of the report summarizes local needs & is followed by […]

Otago Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2010 – 2012

The purpose of this Suicide Prevention Action Plan is to address the goals & outcomes of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy, through the development of community & organisational-level interventions. The Plan is based on the specific issues, needs, & capacity of the Otago community. The goals of the Action Plan are to: improve the […]

Shiawassee County Suicide Prevention Plan 2008


Wiregrass Suicide Prevention Services Plan 2010

The goal of the Wiregrass Suicide Prevention Services Plan is to reduce the incidence of suicide & non-lethal suicidal behaviour in the Wiregrass, Alabama area. The goals & objectives associated with each of the 3 stated purposes – raise awareness, provide intervention, use research methodology – are outlined.

Strengthening the Safety Net: A Summary on the Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Initiative for BC/A Report on the Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Initiative for BC/Appendices for the Report and Summary on the Suicide

These documents present the structure for the suicide prevention, intervention, & postvention initiative for the province of British Columbia. Content includes: an introduction to the initiative; towards the development of a framework & planning template; the evidence-informed practice review; the snapshot survey; stakeholder survey for suicide prevention, intervention & postvention; the Suicide PIP Framework & […]

NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2015: a Whole of Government Strategy Promoting a Whole of Community Approach

This report sets out the New South Wales Government’s direction & intended outcomes for suicide prevention for 2010-2015. It is built upon the first state suicide prevention strategy & is aligned with the national suicide prevention framework. The strategic directions included in this strategy are: improving the evidence base & understanding of suicide prevention; building […]

NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy Implementation Plan 2010-2015: Whole of Government Approach

This document outlines how the strategic directions of the 2010-2015 New South Wales suicide prevention strategy will be accomplished. The objectives, actions, activities, timeframe, & lead agency for each of the 6 strategic directions are detailed.

Building Bridges: Learning From the Experts. Building Bridges to Implement Successful Life Promotion and Suicide Prevention Expertise Across Aboriginal Communities

This report describes the implementation & findings of a community-based suicide prevention initiative. The project aimed to use the experience & knowledge of the Yarrabah community as a model for other indigenous communities for the establishment of effective & sustainable community-based approaches to building resilience, reducing suicide risk exposure, & reducing self-harm. An accompanying series […]