Conceptualizing death: How do suicidal adolescents view the end of their lives?

Objective Adolescence marks an important time to detect suicide risk, as suicidal ideation often emerges during this developmental period. Death-themed cognitions represent a promising domain of risk factors for suicidal ideation, but they have been understudied among adolescents. To address this knowledge gap, the present study examines the association between adolescents’ attitudes and beliefs about […]

Theory of mind and suicidality: A meta-analysis

Objective: Disturbances in interpersonal functioning are prevalent in individuals with suicidality. Foundational for interpersonal functioning is theory of mind (ToM), a social-cognitive ability that allows individuals to understand the thoughts and feelings of others. Recent work has begun to investigate ToM performance in individuals with suicidality, though no review has quantitatively aggregated findings from these varied […]