Regional clozapine, ECT and lithium usage inversely associated with excess suicide rates in male adolescents

Advanced psychiatric treatments remain uncertain in preventing suicide among adolescents. Across the 21 Swedish regions, using nationwide registers between 2016–2020, we found negative correlation between adolescent excess suicide mortality (AESM) and regional frequencies of clozapine, ECT, and lithium (CEL) usage among adolescents (β = −0.613, p = 0.0003, 95% CI: −0.338, −0.889) and males (β = −0.404, p = 0.009, 95% CI: −0.130, −0.678). No […]

Prevention of suicide by clozapine in mental disorders: Systematic review

Background Previous research has investigated the efficacy of clozapine in reducing suicidality in patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. We aimed to systematically review published evidence, including studies concerning clozapine administration to treat: (a) refractory suicidality in other mental disorders, including bipolar disorder and borderline and other personality disorders; and (b) refractory cases of non-suicidal […]