Responding to a suicide death: The role of first responders

Effective response by first responders in the immediate aftermath of a suicide death can play a critical role in reducing risk and promoting healing for family, friends, and the larger community by helping people who are newly bereaved to cope with the immediate crisis, created by the death. They also can lay the foundation for […]

Preventing suicide: A handbook for pastors, chaplains and pastoral counselors.

Many pastors, chaplains and pastoral counselors play a vital role as agents of hope to people who are struggling, but most of them feel overwhelmed and unprepared to prevent suicides. Informed by her work as a psychologist, Karen Mason’s guide to suicide prevention is an essential resource for proactive pastors.

The suicide funeral (or memorial service): Honoring their memory, comforting their survivors.

To our knowledge nothing with The Suicide Funeral (or Memorial Service): Honoring Their Memory, Comforting Their Survivors’ scope and depth has ever been published. This is an aid to anyone who will be called upon to do a funeral for the nearly 43,000 suicides in America each year. This book is designed to assist clergy, […]

Factors that influence chaplains’ suicide intervention behavior in the Army.

We surveyed 868 Army chaplains and 410 chaplain assistants (CAs) about their role in identifying, caring for, and referring soldiers at risk of suicide to behavioral health care. We applied structural equation modeling to identify how behaviors and attitudes related to intervention behavior. In both samples, reluctance and stigma were related to intervention behaviors; efficacy […]

Dealing With Suicide: the Needs of Clergy in Providing Pastoral Care

This report presents the results of a study commissioned to assess the specific needs of churches, religious bodies, & faith-based oganizations in relation to the suicide prevention strategy for Northern Ireland. Information is provided on the research methodology, quantitative findings, the clergy & their communities, causal explanations of suicide, theological views on suicide, the experience […]

Voices of Strength: Sons and Daughters of Suicide Speak Out


Religion and Suicide; Exploring the Role of the Church in Deaths by Suicide in Highland, Scotland


Euthanasia: Man’s Right to die

A Model-based Analysis of Professional Practices in Suicide Prevention

Knowledge of Suicide Intervention Skills: do Crisis Line Volunteers and Clergy Differ?

Perceptions of Personnel on Police Suicide and the Role of a Chaplain

After a Suicide: Recommendations for Religious Services and Other Public Memorial Observances


A Message on Suicide Prevention

With this message, the Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America encourages members, congregations, & affiliated institutions to learn more about suicide & its prevention in their communities, to ask what they can do, & to work with others to prevent suicide. Actions & resources that may contribute to these efforts are identified.

Community Leaders Discuss Suicide Prevention Efforts (IN: Suicide Prevention in Georgia: Healing and Hope)

Psychometric Study of the Physician Assisted Suicide Scale

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

From Death Notification Through the Funeral: Bereaved Parents’ Experiences and Their Advice to Professionals


“It’s a White Thing”: an Exploration of Beliefs About Suicide in the African-American Community

The authors report on a qualitative investigation designed to identify the content of beliefs & perceptions of suicide that may act as a buffer against suicide in the African-American community. From interviews with black pastors in a southern community they identify an intermingling of religious condemnatory beliefs & secular attitudes about suicide that view suicide […]

All Deaths are not Equal: the Many Faces of Death (IN: Remembering Well: Rituals for Celebrating Life and Mourning Death, by S York)

This chapter discusses differences in grieving dependant upon method of death (such as suicide or terminal illness). The author notes how eulogies must be sensitive to method of death in order to assist the audience with their feelings of grief. She states how she acknowledged suicide when presenting eulogies in relevant deaths. According to the […]

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia’s Impact on the Frail Elderly From the Viewpoint of an Episcopal Priest and Also a Chinese

This article comments on physician-assisted suicide & euthanasia’s impact on the frail elderly from the viewpoint of a Chinese Episcopal priest, focusing on the area of physical life in the Christian faith. Volunatry & compulsory euthanasia are discussed in this context as well as cultural influences concerning the way Chinese think about death. (5 refs)

Connexions – an Integrated Service for Marginalised Young People

This presentation described the Jesuit Social Services suicide prevention program at ‘Connexions’ & outlined the findings of an independent evaluation. The target group of the program is marginalized young people who experience multiple disability – drug & alcohol abuse, & mental illness, often compounded by recent incarceration & unemployment. They are often homeless. The evaluation […]

Can Suicide be Prevented? The Suicide Project in Finland 1992-1996: Goals, Implementation and Evaluation

St. Francis High School Crisis Plan

Finland’s National Suicide Prevention Project: Implementation, Experiences, Evaluation

In this manual, the fifth phase of Finland’s National Suicide Prevention Project, external evaluation, is explained. Field survey findings of work-places participating in suicide prevention activities from 1992-95 are given. Survey results of progress in suicide prevention are listed. Suicide prevention methods are broken down into categories and their respective percentages of usage. The assessment […]